Saturday, February 14, 2009

humbled but sad...

As everyone knows, the economy sucks and people are losing their jobs right and left. I will join that group at the end of May. Yes, the school districts have been hit hard, and Centennial is one of them. My boss, Joe, and my supervisor, Wade, talked to me yesterday and told me that there won't be a position for me starting in June. They told me that it isn't because of me or my work; it's because the budget for the coming year has been cut dramatically. I wouldn't even have a job through May if Joe's boss (the principal) had had his way, but Joe and Wade told him that I'm using this job to pay for school. Even then, I'll only be working five hours a week instead of ten. But here's the reason why I get to keep hours at all:

So I can keep my job for the next three months, Joe, Wade, Michelle, and Dustin each cut their hours so I can stay on. Dustin and Michelle are both going to school, like me. Joe has a family, and Wade has nephews that he does things with. I feel really humbled and appreciated that they would do something like that. I also feel sort of sad about it, because I don't want them to lose work because of me.

It's probably the best Valentine's present I've ever received. The best thing about this job hasn't been the money or the flexible schedule. It's been the people that I work with. They're some of my best friends. It feels really good to have such good friends. I hope I can make it up to each of them someday.

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