Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cabin fever...

I FINALLY got out of the house today. I've been going nuts to see something other than my messy house. It was for school, but heck, one of my favorite places on Earth was the location!!!

My sister and I had the opportunity for extra credit in our science classes, and of course we were going to take it! The public library (I ADORE the library) is having a series of lectures on different sciences. Tonight I drove Meghan and myself over to the library, and we had a lovely time learning about Forensic Sciences and Crime Scene Investigation. I took some notes to show my teacher, and I'll be going to three or four more. Excited!!!

While at the library, I ran into Suzzie. I love that girl so much. She's amazing! We looked at books together and each recommended some. I think I handed her one or two, and she handed me four or five. We both love to read, but she's read a greater variety than I have. I'm excited to try the books she gave me.

Now I need advice: my chest has been hurting a lot. Each time I cough, sharp pain runs through my chest, and it's getting harder and harder to breath. Should I or should I not go to the doctor again?

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Q said...

If you have a nurse in your ward or something, you might want to call her. You might just be sore from coughing, but if it's a really sharp pain it could be a sign of something mroe serious. Ask someone about it.