Wednesday, February 4, 2009


That stuff makes me do crazy things. Well, not do crazy things. But dream them. Remember how I was all upset about Mr. Clark and my essays? Last night I dreamt that I sent Mr. Clark all of these mean messages and drew on his walls and stuff. Some of the stuff was pretty funny, but most of it was really mean. Honestly, I would never do that in real life. But it was funny to think about.

NyQuil seriously has hangover effects (not that I'd know, but I've heard the same from those who do). I've felt sort of dopey and slow all day. Woot. The worst part about NyQuil, though, is the taste. I hate the taste of black licorice. Always have, and probably always will. Well, Wal-Mart doesn't sell the cherry flavored cough syrup anymore (which didn't taste that great either), and the only stuff they have now is black licorice flavored. Yeeeeuck. The color is pretty cool. It's a dark, cool green, sort of how I imagine the under wing scales of a dragon might be (yes, I'm thinking about dragons). You'd think it would taste good, but no. Uh, uh. Double nada. It's gross!!!

Hm. I think I'll go have some more.

Just kidding.

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Q said...

That's why I take the caplets.