Sunday, February 15, 2009


I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I'll just leave that there.

My mom rented the movie "Deep Blue" from the library. At the part about the sea lions and the killer whales, I cried and cried so hard that my mom shut off the DVD player. I cried for almost half an hour. Misty crawled onto my lap and cried while she kissed my cheeks, and Buddy kept nosing my knee. Meghan, my younger sister, was crying too.

Just thinking about it is making me start to cry again, so I'll write about something else. We put in an episode of "The Waltons". Just the theme music is enough to cheer me up. The show is so happy and full of love. I really like it, and it always helps me to feel better.

Went to church for Sacrament Meeting, but I kept coughing so much that I was distracting everyone else and I went home. I slept for about four hours (yay!!!). And then I got online and made a new friend! He's in Amanda's English and History GT (gifted and talented, aka the Advanced Placement English and History Academic Seventh and Eighth Grade Program [what a mouthful!] at Lakeridge) class, and his name is Alex. He is such a funny kid, and he's really smart. I'm glad he's my new friend.

No school tomorrow. Yes. That makes me happy. I can catch up on my homework. Not so happy, but it will make me happy later on, I suppose. :D Boy, I'm in a random mood. I guess that's what happens to me when I have a crying fit. I'm not embarrassed, just very sad. I'm dumb, but that's the way I am.


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cuileann said...

Eek, it makes me crazy when I have a cough in church.