Saturday, February 14, 2009

secret, secret...

I was given a half a dozen roses from an anonymous person yesterday. :) Makes me happy.

I bought six roses of my own for my family. I gave my sisters and my mom the roses that I bought later in the evening. The roses I received from someone else I traded with Mr. Steadman for five medallions that he made. He kind of offered to buy my roses as a joke, but he seemed sort of desperate. I was going to keep them, but when he started getting serious about purchasing the roses and I kept saying no, he offered me jewelry as a trade. I kept one rose (the fullest one, lol) and traded the other five. Mr. Steadman's family has been struggling, I guess. He just had surgery and I think his wife is sick. It made me feel good to sort of help him out. The medallions are really nice. My favorite one is shaped like a sand dollar.

Karly, my friend, thinks that Tony gave me the roses. I disagree. Tony told me once that he could never be romantic, and even if he tried, no one would take him seriously. I sort of agree with that. :) Lol, I'd probably think he was making fun of me or something.

Q got a rose, too. From who, she doesn't know. *squee!!!* Kevin bought one for himself because he wanted a flower, and several of my girl friends got flowers, too. A couple of boys in my classes received Valentunes from secret admirers. My science lab partner, Spencer, was so red you could have fried an egg on his face!

My sister and her friend are recording for History Fair right now. Meghan wants me to go away. All of my tries at helping have been smacked down, and she's being really mean. She keeps calling me names and telling me I'm stupid. Ah, well. They've been doing this for over four hours, so I guess it's understandable. She's frustrated.


Q said...

I don't think it's Tony either--you know he has a kind of girlfriend, right? At least, I'm pretty sure he does.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Yep. Me, too.

Tiana ba Llama said...

Haha I would have liked to see someone fry an egg on Spencer's face! ;)