Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm thinking about moving in with my gradparents for the summer. I don't know for sure. Just an idea.

In my Ceramics class, we're watching the movie "The Power of One." I like it, except for the really violent parts. I close my eyes when they happen, otherwise I'll probably be sick. I do like this part. It's an exchange between Doc, the German professor, and P.K., the main character. He's about seven years old at the time of this scene. P.K. is very sad, because his mother died, and mean boys (Afrikaners) killed his chicken, Masibindi, because P.K. is English. P.K. is living with his grandfather, who knows "absolutely nothing about children," and decides to send his friend, Doc, to see P.K.

Here's the scene:

Doc: You know, my donkey, Beethoven, once told me a remedy of curing sadness in little boys. Would you like to try it?

[P.K nods]

Doc: Okay, stand up, on this brick wall, stand on one leg, good, now close your eyes, say three times "absoloodle".

P.K. Age 7: Absoloodle, absoloodle, absoloodle.

Doc: Feel better?

[P.K shakes his head]

Doc: No? I guess it proves one thing then.

P.K. Age 7: What's that?

Doc: Never take advice from a donkey.


LouMac said...

Hey! I have a question...and a comment!

First of all, I joined DragonCave because of you! Yay!

Second of all, how do you get one of those cool egg displayers? I need one.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Here's what you do:

Go to the Customize tabe on your blog page. Choose a box to add a gadget to, and pick the HTM>/Text box. Then type in your codes.

Sorry if this comment has terrible spelling errors. My monitor isn't working, and the laptop monitored is shattered on one side so I can only see half of the screen. :P