Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As of today, I now know what the term "trippin'" means. Here's what happened:

In my Spanish 4 class today, several of my classmates were making jokes when my teacher told Leon that he would put some information in Leon's file. Leon freaked out, crying "Wait, I have a FILE?" Everyone started to laugh and joke about the file. They were all laughing and saying how the files in our teacher's room would incriminate Leon and make it impossible for him to get a job, blah, blah, blah.

I had no idea what they were talking about or why it was funny. Senor Mijares asked a student to translate for me why it was funny, but he never got around to it because he was laughing so hard. Calmly I told them that, duh, every single one of us has a file down in the office which has kept track of our schooling since we were enrolled in Kindergarten. They all stared at me and one of them proceeded to say that I was trippin'.

When I asked what that meant, they all started to laugh again. The boy who said I was whatever that was said it was like high or on one or something like that. The light clicked. "Oh!" I said, "So it's like a colloquialism!"

Dead silent, except for the raucous laughter of Senor Mijares and Mr. Cooper. Someone asked what a colloquialism is, and I took it upon myself to explain. "A colloquialism is a word or set of words which are native to a region, country, or culture. These words are also known as slang," I told them. Still dead silence, broken by the second burst of laughter from my teachers.

After this outburst in class, we set to work. We're learning the Future tense and Conditional Tense. One of the boys was called on to create a sentence for the class. He decided to make fun of his friend, Buck. Let me remind you they're both straight, just fyi. He (Breton) cleared his throat and said, "Esta noche, sacaria Buck en un dato, pero estoy feo." What he tried to say was "Tonight I would take Buck on a date, but he's ugly." What he really said (or in a sense said, I don't know if he used the right words) "Tonight I would take Buck on a date, but I'm ugly."

I laughed so hard! But no one else caught the wrong form of estar. He used "estoy," which is the first person singular of the verb. Baha!!! So while I was laughing, no one else got it. Senor Mijares called on me to explain the error. It was pretty much awesome.

Spanish class was the funniest part of my day. I went from not knowing anything about what they were talking about to completely turning the tables on them. I love being informed. ;)

*sigh* No homework tonight, or any homework that is absolutely necessary to my passing the classes. Ceramics is frustrating again because I keep dropping my clay on the floor. Slippery hands. AP Environmental Science was deadly boring, so I left with the hall pass when I started to fall asleep. Just went into the girls' bathroom and talked to some of the girls in Drama class who were in there. It's what girls do. Seminary was super fun. Most of the people were gone to go to the basketball game in Salt Lake (tournament game for the Lady Bruins-I heard we won), so we played a Scripture Mastery game the whole time. I scored like, 20 points for my team. Yes!

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cuileann said...

Ha. The funniest things happen in foreign language classes. :D

Tiana ba Llama said...

Well literally, that kid actually said he was going to take his friend on a "date," as in the little fruit thing. A "cita" would be going out. But I think that makes it even more hilarious. Yay for direct translations that aren't really so literal! :D (if that made any sense...boy I'm tired.)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Cuileann: Totally.

Tiana ba Llama: I was wondering if "dato" was the fruit, but I didn't ask. Thanks for the clarification. That is even funnier, though. :)