Saturday, January 31, 2009

speaking of heat waves***...

***READ THERMOSTAT WARS FIRST to understand the title up top***

Whenever I see someone, I get hot all over. My face gets pink, my eyes start to sparkle, and my hands and knees shake. I know about the eyes and face because my friend told me that's what happens. I dreamed about him last night. I'm going to be completely honest here: hot stuff.

And I'm extremely angry with the stupidity of the news media. Why are they investigating the woman who had eight children in one birth and all ready had six? Maybe she wanted more kids, maybe she doesn't believe in abortion. Maybe after the six she wanted another child, but because of hers or her husband's age they couldn't have a child naturally. WHO CARES, PEOPLE?!?! Get the heck of their case and let them be a family. And as for the fact that "people don't know when to stop and they're not thinking of the future generations," give it a rest. As long as people aren't continually greedy, there will be plenty to go around for everyone. It says so in the scriptures. Look it up, I'm too lazy to go find mine in my suitcase.

Another stupid thing: Obama is having a Super Bowl party in the White House. There are more important things to be thinking about. Another stupid thing: you know how anyone can get a Facebook or a Myspace? To me, it is not professional for CNN news casters to be advertising that they have those pages. It just bugs me.

K, I'm done venting, even though there are a LOT more things that bug me about the news media. Like Barrack Obama's potential and already cabinet members who "forgot" to pay their taxes for several years. Excuse me? How do you forget to pay your taxes? If you've got Internet, newspaper, television, or just walk around in the world, you're going to see reminders everywhere to pay your taxes. Stupid idiots. And people actually swallow that crap?! STUPID!! "Oh, it's okay, he just forgot for a couple of years. No big deal. He can be on my cabinet, it's all right." Idiot. Red flag, people. Crooks hire crooks. Even if we can't get access to proof, the logical path of reasoning leads to that conclusion. Oh, but sorry. You vote your party. Party politics + party loyalties = the brain shuts off.

I guess I wasn't done venting. Boy. I'm on one today. Probably because I'm worried for our country, and I'm worried about a friend of mine who's making some not so great decisions, and I'm worried because my sister is still sick, and I'm failing classes. Sorry. I'll stop now.

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