Wednesday, January 14, 2009

please leave a message after the tone?

The phone keeps ringing and ringing over and over again and no one is ever on the other end. It's starting to bother me a lot. I still answer it though, just in case it's some robber or someone who's trying to see if no one is home. Maybe I'll do a man's voice next time. *smirk*

Ceramics is turning out to be okay. I'm better at Woods. Then again, I was pretty horrid at Woods the first week. I guess I just need to learn more. We started working on pencil holders today. I got the entire main body of the vase finished, and next class period we'll start doing something else with them. I think we'll be adding the foot (bottom that sticks out a bit) and the lip (thing that goes around the top of the vase). Then we have to attach something to the vase (the example had a dragon attached to it) and carve in a design of some sort. Oh, and we also have to cut something out of it (like a window in the above example which the dragon is looking into). It'll be interesting. I just can't think of what exactly I want to do with mine.

Mr. Steadman is a lot better to be around when he is actually working on something or teaching students. He seems to be sort of a nervous person who needs to be doing something with his hands a lot. The one really bad thing about the class so far: we have to do a bunch of different sketch book assignments. I cannot draw. "Anyone who can hold a pencil can draw," Steadman says. Well, a monkey can hold a hammer and hit someone in the head with it but miss the nail. Yeah. I suck. *sigh* Does anyone know where I can find a nice sketch book?

So I was up late (again) doing homework for science. We started a new class, because technically the full year class is divided into two different units of study. Last semester we focused on Environmental Geology, and this semester we are doing Environmental Science (I did not know that until Monday). The homework questions are a lot harder this time. In the previous textbook (we got new ones, nice hardcover with a snowy evening and wolves on it. arooooooo!), the questions all had the page numbers marked next to them so you could find the references easily. This textbook makes you actually think logically about the answer you will write. You can't just look up a definition. You have to state your opinion. It takes a lot longer to do. Anyway, I did the homework last night. When I got to my Spanish class, I realized that I had done the WRONG chapter!!! Um, I thought I was pretty much screwed, so I did Chapter 1 in class. Grand total: 6 pages. Number of questions: 6. Mhmmmmm. Painful.

Vacuum got clogged again at work. Stupid bobby pins. They're the same color as the carpet, so I don't even know that they're there until the red light goes on and the vacuum starts spitting dirt everywhere. So my pants were covered in clay and dirt. I must be turning into some sort of seacoast or something. The lunch ladies at school, oh pardon me, I mean the Centennial Child Nutrition Program, gave me a loaf of bread for my birthday, which isn't until...yeah. It's not today. And the principal, aka the boss of my boss, gave me movie tickets. In December. Meaning I've all ready used them. And yes, I went to see "Twilight." SQUEE!!! Amazing. Loved it. And the bread tastes really good. So soft and yummy.

K, I'm done now.

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