Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For some odd reason I have no homework tonight. It's kind of unnerving, actually. I feel like I'm incomplete for some reason. I don't have any reading to do, my test work is all finished, and all of my extra credit is complete. I'm not complaining, but it just feels weird.

Amanda job-shadowed me today. I really didn't let her do much. Since I my job is vacuuming floors, I've gotten a system down that lets me get it done fast. As for that, the vacuum is extremely temperamental. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it spits everything back out in complaint.

So for History today, I dressed up as Susan B. Anthony for part of the Industrial Revolution Roundtable that we had. If you dressed up as the character you were portraying, you got extra credit points. I looked pretty nice, but I felt like such a dork! Especially when a certain boy looked at me like I was crazy when he saw me walking down the hall to class. *sigh* I don't know why it's important, but it is.

Oh, I dreamed about Matt again. I have absolutely no idea at all why I keep doing that. I also dreamed about running. I always dream about running, every single night. I ran a little bit today at the gym. It was amazing! I didn't do much though, because the UVU Cross Country team was there and I felt intimidated.

One interesting thing I learned today: John D. Rockefeller was a SHARK (and, no, he didn't have infinite sets of teeth, gills, or a fin protruding from his back). That man was amazing. Even if I don't quite agree with the ideas of the wealthy from that time period, you have to admit he had a lot of talent and perseverance.

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