Saturday, January 31, 2009

thermostat wars...

I'm visiting my grandparents this weekend, and I forgot how horrible it is up here in the winter. Not their company; I love my grandma and grandpa. It's more the temperature of the house. My grandparents keep their house so freakin' hot it's unbearable! Outside it's around twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit (spelling), but inside my grandpa has the thermostat set up to 85! That's crazy!!! I sneak into the hallway about every hour and a half and turn the heat down to around 65. I do it when grandpa is watching television (which is almost all day) and not paying attention. Then he'll get up to go to his room or something and turn it up again. I wait till he's settled down again, and I turn it down. Soon I hear, "Who turned the #$@* heat down again?!" and he mumbles cuss words under his breath all the way back down the hallway. The whole time, my sisters and I are laughing our heads off, grandma smiles at us and tells us silently to go turn it down again, and dad isn't listening.

We've got the fans running and the windows open, the doors closed to try and keep out the sound of the news which blasts so loudly all day that the speakers on the TV are almost shot, and our tummies full so that grandma doesn't worry that we're starving. I'm really not complaining. I love it up here. Sometimes it gets boring, and my grandparents have very intersting personalities, but they're so much fun. I think they could be their own sitcom. At least for me it'd be funny.

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