Friday, January 23, 2009


I have rediscovered AdventureQuest and DragonFable. It's so much fun to just waste away the day by battling encrypted monsters while earning "money" for it. :) I leveled up twice today on DragonFable to grand number 7. My character, Maerion, is so pretty. Makes me happy. And the AdventureQuest account is shared between myself, my sisters, and three boys in our neighborhood. It's because it's a Guardian account, and that costs money to start, so we just share it. The only problem with that is we can never decide on how Eowyn (lol) looks. It's constantly changing to the way each player is used to her looking. Pretty funny.

This is a boring post. But really, nothing interesting happened today. Except that Kirt is mad because I didn't get a message from Student Council telling me when to come to audition for the talent show, so I completely missed it. Kirt's a good friend. He just has interesting "swear words," which I'm always telling him not to use but he doesn't care. I don't mind, really. I just like to argue with him. It's funny how often we argue with one another when we agree on almost everything possible. We take turns being the opposing view, especially on politics. He says he likes to hear my other arguments. I just like to win, which I usually do. *smirk*

Let's see, what else happened today. Oh, I realized how many of my guy friends have birthday's in January (that I know of right now). There's at least eight. So every single one of them is either barely or just a few days under a year older than me. That's extremely interesting to me for some reason.

Haven't been writing anything lately. Too burned out, I guess. And I just noticed how many "I"s there are in my posts. Too many! Wow. But when you write a blog as a journal sort of thing that other people are allowed to read, it seems logical to me that "I" would be a dominant word. I dunno. See, there we go again! Can't help it!

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