Sunday, January 11, 2009


I sang in church today with my sisters. I wasn't nervous at all....until I actually opened my mouth. My throat closed up and my voice was all scratchy. Ah, well. I was the only one that noticed, I guess. Everyone else said it was great. My mom gave a talk right before the three of us girls sang. The Bishop didn't check with the music chair to see who was doing the special number. Haha. It was kind of funny.

I got my dress for Preference!!! It's so pretty. I'll put a pic up (like I said in my last post) as soon I as can. I have to get it altered (as usual, the dress is six inches too long in the skirt and the shoulders have to be raised about three inches....curses of being under five foot three), and I don't want it to get any more wrinkled than it absolutely has to. It's a long, teal dress with a sort of wrap around the waist and beading on the wrap. The neck isn't low, but it isn't terribly high either. Of course, it's short sleeved (I swear there are never any pretty dresses or dresses at all with long sleeves). Now I'm just worried about what Tony is going to say about it.

I hate it when boys stare at me. It's annoying.

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