Thursday, January 29, 2009


i have to say, i love toe socks. they are the coolest thing ever. i've got two pairs right now: one with octopi on them (the toe holders are the tentacles-lol!) and one pair that's rainbow striped with a smiley face on the top of the foot. so warm and comfy!

studied for my test and got walloped in the stomach with math questions that i had no idea to do. it's stupid of me to forget that science and math go together. i keep thinking that i won't see math in any class except math. wrongo. i couldn't answer three parts of the first essay question because i couldn't figure out the story problem. i'm so stupid! so yeah. i bet i pretty much failed.

fbla competition tomorrow. gonna fail that, too. i'm only doing it because the club leaders basically told me i'd get kicked out if i didn't compete. bleh. i suck when i'm under pressure. debating is different, if i'm prepared, i guess. but i don't know anything about business! i only signed up for the club because aubrey wanted me to. ah, well. at least i'll be able to actually get lunch.

phone's for me. sweet.


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