Sunday, March 1, 2009

forward, MARCH...

No wind, no rain, just cold, dismal dreariness. I suppose March has come in like a lamb.

I swear, March is the ugliest month of the year (at least where I live). Everything's dead and brown. Our tulips don't even come up until April. The one good thing about March? Well, more than one.

Good Things about March:

1. March 26-Mom's birthday
2. March 27-Coty's birthday
3. School is out in like three months(ish)
4. No more dark evenings

Bad Things about March:

1. Time change (bumped up earlier now, I think my parents were talking about it)
2. Ugly
3. It's still ugly
4. Still three months of school left
5. AP testing in three months
6. Allergy season
7. It's ugly

Dumb dumb dumb. Me is dumbolina. Lol! I'm so tired! I stayed up too late last night and I'm still (STILL) sick. Woot.

Oh, I think Mountain View won the State Championship in Girls' Basketball. I think. So if they did, WAY TO GO LADY BRUINS!!!

I'm done.


Q said...

Get well soon! <3

Tiana ba Llama said...

Yay! They did!! :D

Hey, isn't my birthday a good thing about "ugly" March, too? ;)

(btw, my security word is "plicinca"...whatever that is.)