Thursday, March 26, 2009

history shmistory...

You all know that I love history, but I hate my history class. Well, turns out that I didn't fail like I thought I would, nor did I even end up with a B+. Somehow (I think it was due to extra credit) I pulled off an A-. O.o YAY!!!

We had a quiz on the presidents today, with the requirements being to name the president who fit in each listed year, his party affiliations, and what he did while in office. I found that surprisingly easy, because I was able to link each president to an event that happened while he was in office (i.e., 1862 was the beginning of the Civil War [beginningish], so Lincoln was in office, he was a Republican, and he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, stuff like that). I passed, shocking myself. Everyone else, all nine of the other kids, failed. I'm on the right side of the line this time, for once.

Somehow Matt got us on the subject of updating the pictures of presidents on the wall in the classroom. He asked Mr. Carpenter why there was no picture of President Obama on the wall with the other presidents, and why the picture of President Bush was so much smaller than all the others. Mr. Carpenter said, "Well, President Bush actually sent me that picture with a note thanking me for doing such a great job teaching. There was also an attachment asking for money. *chuckle* I didn't send any money, and seeing as how he didn't ask me to return the picture I didn't send that back either."

Then he paused, scratched his chin, and said "I wonder why President Obama hasn't sent me a picture yet."

I didn't even think. It just blurted right out of my mouth.

"There wasn't enough money left from the Stimulus Bill to pay for postage."

Everyone, even Mr. Carpenter, burst out laughing. I just looked around for a minute and went back to doodling. It was silent again when I realized what I had actually said.

Bewildered, I spoke again. "That was actually really funny."

Silence, then a roar of laughter, especially from Josh, Matt, and Jacob. I seriously didn't realize how funny it had been until it was nearly two minutes later. I guess I'm the kind of girl who gets the joke on Saturday, even though you told it to her on Friday during lunch. Thank goodness it didn't take me that long to figure out one of my own.

SNM was great tonight. The kids put on their annual Roadshow, and I, being a part of the choir with my partner, got to wear a party hat and blow one of those paper whistle things that look like a snake's tongue. I have no idea what they're called. It's been way too long since I had one at New Year's. Anyway, I ended up not being with Sheleena and Emily, because there were two girls who didn't have partners who I was asked to keep an eye on. Amy is in my class, and I know her pretty well (the girls at SNM are all split up into different colored classes; I'm in White). The other girl has been coming to SNM for about four weeks. Her name is Amelia, and she's a sweetheart. She speaks very quietly, has a very strong grip, loves colors, and her laugh tinkles like tiny silver bells. I like her a lot. Oh, and David did a very good job as the Happy Meter. He would be a very good Vanna White, come to think of it. ;)

Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMO!!! (mom, duh ;) ). It's her birthday today, and I got her red roses and yellow tulips, because I couldn't decide which one she would like better. She and the rest of the family are up in Salt Lake at a concert for her birthday. We went to Chili's for dinner (sooo good) and then went our separate ways. LOVE YOU MOM!!! :D

Since my puppies were terribly sad when I left for school today, I promised them that I would take them "bye-bye" later in the evening. So, since the family is gone away tonight, I took them for a drive around Provo, showing them where I work and stuff like that. They got bored about twenty minutes later, and we came back home. Now one's asleep on my foot, and the other made a bed in my laundry. Ah, well. It's my fault since I didn't put it away. Too lazy.

Oh, another thing. The Scout Office hired me. YAY!!!

I'm done.


Q said...

Sounds like you had a good day. :)

spider said...

Haha. That was funny. I laughed out loud. (Thankfully, my family's in the other room, so they don't think I'm crazy.}

What's SNM?

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: Mhmm. :)

spider: SNM is Special Needs Mutual. I'm a youth counselor/missionary for my church and I work with the kids. Email me if you have more questions, and I'll post an explanation, k? Cheers!