Thursday, March 19, 2009

third term torture...

WHY do they pile so much homework on us the last three days of term? STUPID TEACHERS!!!

Got 86% on my DBQ. YES! Best grade all year on an essay in History. English, on the other hand, has had all 100% except for one, where I missed two points. Mr. Carpenter doesn't like the way I write. He thinks I disagree with historians too much. *grrr*

My grandparents gave me and my sisters a car. I get to use it for the next two years without conflict from any other sister drivers, 'cause I'm the oldest. Mom, however, has decided that I don't get to drive it, even thought it's intended for my use. :P Honda Accord, silver, gorgeous, and mine! Well, not just mine. I just say that it is.

Good night.


Q said...

What do you mean disagree with the historians?

And why don't you get to drive it?

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: I delve into the psychology and personal stuff. I "empathize" and ask questions that my teacher doesn't like. Therefore I disagree with historians, because I disagree with Mr. Carpenter. I have a different opinion on a lot of things, and he doesn't like it when I don't agree with him. It's weird.

I don't get to drive it because my mom has commandeered it. She now drives it everywhere, and has told me I'm going to be using the van and possibly the Alero. She likes it. It's pretty annoying, you know. My dad will probably fix it when he gets home tomorrow.