Thursday, March 5, 2009

goose pimples...

I've never gotten goose bumps from hearing a song before. That has changed tonight. I know they're a bit nasal, but hey, they're from Texas. Bring on the Cactus Cuties!

My mom keeps playing it, and I keep getting those stupid bumps on my arms. It's intense, man.

So I figured out why I'm having such a hard time focusing in school now. It's because I'm obSESSED with my Ceramics class. I cannot stop thinking about my project, and how many I want to do in the future. I adore 3-D art. Awesomeness. But the rest of school is now super, super, super....boring. My mom says I'm ADHD now. I think I might agree. I focus on one thing and can't pay attention to anything else. Arg.

I'm done.

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