Monday, March 23, 2009

today will be tomorrow's...

I will post about today, Sunday, and Saturday tomorrow. I'm too worn out right now. Topics that will be covered:

1. Stake Dance
2. Disney Monopoly
3. Artic Circle Capers
4. Mom's Magic Moments
5. Draper Temple Dedication
6. Tender Mercies/Near Catastrophes
7. Science Class
8. Library Changes
9. Mom's Not-so-Magic Moments
10. Sleeping Pill Giggles
11. Tomorrow's Entry/stuff that happens tomorrow and not today, Saturday, or Sunday

I only write this list so as to remind myself what I intended to write about today tomorrow so I won't forget what I was going to write about today tomorrow. *smirk* Figure THAT one out.

So, there you go.


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