Friday, March 6, 2009

today just sucks...

Not really, but it's sure felt like it. Nothing has been going right. That, too, is a "not really" statement, but again, it's felt like it. I mean, I didn't crash the car driving to and from school and work, and I didn't break the vacuum at work again, but has just sucked.

Last night, SN Mutual was really fun. I didn't teach (yay!); we had a visiting ward come. One of the youth counselors broke his wrist doing the obstacle course that was set up, but other than that nothing very exciting happened. Sheleena wasn't there, so I was sort of bummed out. The girl I was partnered with for the evening really didn't like me, because I wasn't "her Tara," so she deliberately was difficult. It went from locking herself in the boys' bathroom (awkward) to popping balloons to make kids cry to shoving me down the stairs. She was not happy that her buddy was gone and I was there as a sub. Oh, well. I helped put tables away afterwards and got complimented on how "tough" I am by the male leaders. That's right. :) And they gave us rice krispy treats (my FAVORITE!!!). And David, the kid I carpool with, got accepted to BYU. Yay, David!

Skipped first and second period today because I felt awful. I slept until 10:30 and got ready for school, only to find out that Misty had found candy somewhere and had thrown up in the bathroom. Great. It was lovely. Then science was boring, but interesting at the same time. Some parts of nuclear fission are fascinating, and then there are other parts that put me to sleep. Hit me with a nuetron when I get tired, okay? Maybe I'll be able to "split" the parts of me that are tired and interested so they work in different parts of my brain and I can do both at once. Sheesh.

Lunch was good. I like eggrolls. A lot. My fortune cookie was kind of a downer though. "Don't continually look to the future for success when happiness is right beside you." Looooooooonnnnnnggggg foooooorrrrttuuuuunnneeee coooooooooookieeeeee. I've been chastised again.

My Ceramics project is NOT going the way I want it to. I kept getting dizzy in class and knocking it over or bumping into the new pieces so they fall off. Then everyone was laughing at me because I didn't understand what their jokes were. Like, for example, they kept doing this obnoxious "That's what she said" thing over and over again and I didn't get why they were all laughing. And we had a sub, so the kids sort of took advantage of that. Ugh. Today was dumb. Stupid project, stupid people, stupid me.

Got to see Michelle and Dustin at work, and I took the poster that Mr. Dashner signed for the school library to Mrs. Loosli. She was so excited, and she hung it up next to the signed poster of one of the Fable Haven books. Neatorama. Oh, and while I was at work, some random person kept texting my mom's phone (which I had in case of emergency). They kept telling me to meet them at a certain address near BYU and asking me what my name was, how old I was, et cetera. Text after text, no time to answer. Finally I got sick of it going off, so I texted back and told them if they wrote one more time I'd give their number to the cops. No more texts.

To be perfectly honest, I feel horrible. My friend Coty was going to come over tonight to watch a movie, but I started to feel super sick again. And it snowed. I mostly feel bad right now because I've been a bit of a monster to the family, but I said sorry. I was super frustrated with Meghan (as usual) and so was Amanda. So was mom, though. Meghan wouldn't put her clothes away and wouldn't help with the dishes. Then Buddy ate Misty's food (again), and I put too many clothes in the washing machine. No major problems, just that weird whomp noise. Mom took care of it, so it's all good. Now mom and Amanda are watching a movie and Meghan's doing stuff in her room. That has been our day. Woot.

Remember that science test I was all nervous for? Well, I got a 25/26 on the free response section and a 21/22 (I think that's what it's out of now) on the multiple choice. Yay! :D

I've tried to make some of it positive. Really, I did. But I don't know how well it worked. This could be one of my ranting, whining journal entries that no one will want to read because it's so lame. Today's just been bad. I do feel better now. It's all gone, out into the void. Kapoot. Yes.

I'm done. Holy cow, that's long. If you read the whole thing, type 990. Lol, sorry Jacoby!


Q said...

990 ;)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: :) Awwww...that makes me happy.