Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My diagnosis of March was incorrect. March is no longer docile. In fact, I believe that March's personality could be described as inconsistent. I think we have a definite case of bi-polar disorder in this month.

It started out nice and peaceful, with mild temperatures and gentle sun. Then last night came a big wind storm, and all day there has been wind. The sun is clouded by dust and dirt, and to go outside you risk suffocation.

I'm exaggerating (exagerating? exagerrating? exxagerating? help me? man, i feel like Hank the Cowdog) about actually suffocating, but you do get a nasty mouth, ear, eye, and noseful of lovely dirt. It's not very fun.

So, don't come to me for medical help. My misdiagnoses (???) will probably just cause you a lot of heartache or foul up your vacation plans. Besides that, I don't have malpractice insurance. ;)


Tiana ba Llama said...

you were right on your spelling the first time in both cases! Don't second guess yourself! :D (Okay, well with misdiagnosis I mean the way you spelled it at the beginning of the post.)

Thanks for the heads up about DC...I'm afraid I'm just going to freeze anyway! :S

Haha and my word is efullyo... :)

Coleman said...

HELP! i need medical attention from YOU!!!!!! just kidding;) Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!