Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Once again, I cannot think of a name for this. So I'll just do dots. Yay.

I went to Science Club for the first time today. Thanks, friend, for introducing me to it! You know who you are. :) After school I finished my Ceramics project. Finally. I'm not happy with the way some of it turned out, but if I didn't get it done today it would have totally dried out. If it turns out well, maybe I'll post a pic or two for you. But if it sucks, don't even think about pictures. Coty was a sweetheart and came in with me while I finished it, then we drove home together. It's fun driving myself and my friend to school. Way better than my parents; they say that the high school parking lot drivers make them nervous, but really they're impatient. Just mosey on through and your chances of getting hit drop to about 50% instead of 95 or 100%.

My friend and I were going to see Twilight tonight, but she got sick. I feel so bad 'cause she feels so bad that she can't go. It's not her fault she got sick, but she was all like "Oh, I've totally ruined your night, I'm so sorry, I'm such a jerk," until I finally told her to shut up and get better so we can go next week. I can tell her to shut up-she knows I don't mean it. Besides, if I didn't tell her to be quiet every once in awhile, she'd talk herself to death. ;) I hope she feels better though. This whatever that's going around is nasty. Take it from someone who knows. You don't want it.

Well, I adore my Twilight soundtrack. And I adore Taylor Lautner. Not to obsession point, mind you. Just to *squee* point. And dream point. :P LOL!!! I'm so silly!

I'm done.


Yet said...

THis is a very fun blog that you have here. It makes me think of fairytales and daydreams.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Yet: Thanks!