Monday, March 9, 2009

the winner is...

Well, the total has come in, and it's been voted that the poem is titled Wind Whispers. Yay! Thanks!

Today you get to see my limerick. :)

May Pole Story
She once had a May pole of purple,
Surrounded by we children cheerful.
She danced and I pranced;
Her smile did entrance,
As we twisted in circles ‘round her pole.

Baha. Lame, no? It's for the same class. Woot.

Well, my family has watched The Prince of Egypt THREE times. TODAY. I only watched it once; I can't bear seeing the same movie twice in one day. It's a good movie and all (Really good, surprisingly. We actually watched it in Seminary last year with Brother Frost. It was awesome! All of these other kids left their teachers' classrooms so that they could come watch, too. Good times), but things get old over and over again. So, I'm sitting in the kitchen doing homework so that they can "have my company." Or as my dad says, "feel of your spirit." Wow, dad. That's really great.

I'll be honest. I love my religion (LDS/Mormon, if you couldn't tell). Sometimes though I feel like people take it over the top and I feel like I'm stuck in the Farley Family Reunion or something.

Still can't hear. Like, at all. And my sisters (my mom a couple of times, too) made fun of me for a long time, because I couldn't hear them and I'd ask them to repeat what they'd said. Oi. It's not funny. I don't like being made fun of. Oh, and I burned my hand on a casserole dish that had been in the oven. I picked up the lid, and now it's hard to type/write. Stupid burn!

So there's the limerick, and hopefully I'll be able to hear tomorrow. :D


Q said...

Don't you know that nothing rhymes properly with purple?

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: *snigger* Yep.

Katie said...

Excellent poem! I love it! You are such a good writer.