Monday, July 6, 2009

7 random things...

I got tagged by the wonderful, fabulous Molly over at ohfortheloveofblog to write seven random things about myself and post pictures (whether they fit the subject or not, I guess). Actually it was an accidental tag-the first three people to post a comment/acknowledge that they'd read her post were to pass on the meme. I should have read the fine print. ;)

Here we go!

1. I hate, hate, hate, HATE packing. It is the absolute worst thing about doing any activity or trip. Getting all of my stuff together in the smallest amount of space possible to go camping for four days is driving me up the walls. You'd think you could fit it all into one small suitcase, but no. My Young Women leaders seem to believe that my entire house plus my neighbor's dog need to come along for the excursion. Blargh!

2. I often find myself taking classes in which I am heavily outnumbered by boys. Woods had three other girls besides me, with about forty kids in the class. Ceramics was about 2/3 boys and the rest girls. Adult Roles had a surprisingly large amount of boys, a little more than half. Biology, Political Science, even Intro to Art had a lot fewer girls. Then there was AP US History, with six girls and four boys. That was a lot of fun.

(AP Environmental Science Field Trip to the Water Treatment Plant...:P)

3. How can there be such a thing as a favorite color? It's more like favorite color family with all of the possible shades and tints being thrown in together. Like orange, for example. Orange, red orange, tangerine, the orange-browns like russet and sand...yadiyadiyada.

4. When I write poetry, it doesn't come slowly. It happens all at once, starting with a single word or a phrase and snowballing into a four or five stanza piece of writing. Usually it takes three to five minutes to write something like that, unless it's got tricky rhymes. Then it can take ten or fifteen. The words just sort of spill out. And, I HAVE to stop whatever I'm doing and write it down that instant, otherwise it just floats away into nonexistence once more. I've got a horrible memory.

5. My mom says that I read too much. Is that possible?

(Statue at the Library)

6. We're all ready on number six? Wow. Hm...I once was a dancer in the musical CATS when it was put on by Payson Community Theatre (where I am now doing the Wizard of Oz). I know you're thinking, "Yeah, yeah, community theatre, what gives?" Well, it was pretty much amazing. And I'm just telling the truth. But ever since then, I dance more like a cat. It's hard to be a classical ballerina or even a jitterbug because my hands keep wanting to go from paws to claws, and I want to move smoothly but not in any set position or form. *sigh* When you become a cat, even for four months, it starts to stick with you.

(My family [mom, dad, nana, sisters, me] in CATS, 2006)

7. I'll admit it-I have sworn before. The first time I was eight years old, climbing a tree at the park near our public library. My foot slipped, the rest of me followed, and I landed on my face in the dirt, coughing grains of black mud and an equally dirty word slipping from my lips. Not a super bad one; I think I said "d*** it" or something. Haha. Oops.

Is that a random enough set of seven? I hope so. And now I'm copying Molly. First three to post/acknowledge their presence are tagged. And come back and tell me when you write it; I want to see!


Molly said...

Great list!
I'm so impressed by your theatrical family!
And please avert your eyes when I swear on my blog ok?
Thanks for playing!

julochka said...

i too hate to pack.

and it's totally not possible to read too much. even if your mom says so. moms can be wrong (just don't tell my 8-year-old). :-)

Woman in a Window said...

MEOW! You were all cats? That is so cool. (And you know, I had to stop myself from saying Freaken cool 'cause that's almost a swear...which I do far too often.)

I write like you do, in a moment of rush, all or nothing.

SandyCarlson said...

I hate packing, too. I figure I'm done when I get to the zipper. End of story. I enjoyed your post.

cuileann said...

Ah cat-dancing ftw!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

We love the CATS and have watched it so much the tape wore out. Dancer can sing the whole thing word for word. She started watching it when she was about 6 years old. If she had a friend over she would want them to watch it to becuse she was sure that all 6 year olds should love the movie and their mom just hadn't gotten it for them yet. Saddly, they all sat their glossy eyed praying for it to be over as she obliviously sat their singing the whole time.

maya ganesan said...

I don't HATE packing, but I def don't like it. :P The worst part of traveling is unpacking after the trip. Oh man. That stinks majorly.