Sunday, July 26, 2009

say cheese...

This little guy, or Mojo, frequently stopped at my campsite when I was at Mia Shalom. You could generally predict his arrival at mealtimes. Here he is after everyone had left for their hikes, feasting on a forgotten slice of cheese. Cute, isn't he? Or she. I never can tell with birds.

I read three books today. Impressive, isn't it? AND I found out that school doesn't start until August 20th, two days later than I had originally thought. Yay. I hate school. You'd think I love it from all of the classes I'm constantly taking, but, no. No, no. I really despise it. I just go because it gives me something to do and half the time it's "da yaw." Or the law. I used to say da yaw when I was yittle. :)

I'll post about Saturday's adventures (and early Sunday morning's) tomorrow. I need to go to bed now; mom has decided we need to start getting up at 8:00 instead of 9:00 to get ready for school. Ugh.


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Coleman said... dog is a Puggle