Monday, July 13, 2009

Mia Shalom-July 8, 2009...

Early Morning-

1. Smells from another camp signifying breakfast-can you tell I’m
2. Camp mornings are cold, especially when your jacket is wet
3. Only two cabins for 24 girls-squish
4. Upstairs girls talking until 2 a.m.
5. An unearthly scream at promptly 6:30-or someone’s alarm clock

1. Clean shirt
2. Quiet enough that I can hear the river
3. The gold-mantled chipmunk dancing around my shoes
4. Finding my misplaced Health textbook
5. Sun coming up so quickly and warming my wet jacket

Today is the Camp Cook-Off. Each ward was given two secret ingredients, which they had to use in a main dish and a dessert. My ward was given cream cheese and brown sugar. I had the idea to use the cream cheese and brown sugar over bread to make sticky buns. We also used brown sugar in sloppy joe meat, and some of the cream cheese to make a salsa dip (yuck). I think it all turned out well, because that's what we ate for lunch that day before going to get ready for camp skits. Here's what ours looked like:

6th Ward: Bandit Feast
The Most Wanted!

After I helped hand out stuff to the wards for their skits, Sister Burton and Sister Lawrence asked me if I would make awards with two other girls for the Cook-Off participants. I took pictures of the two that I made because I thought they were super cute. And they sort of are. :)

Award One-Marching Picnic

Award Two-Life Really is a Picnic


1. FuhREEZING shower water!
2. Having a major role as M.C. for the Stake skits, and narrator for my ward’s part
3. Burning face and dumb sunscreen
4. Losing my favorite pen-sniff
5. Journal supplies ran out in the pavilion

1. Skit Day is over!
2. Hilarious mascara mustaches on various girls (make-up: not just for beautification)
3. First “Polar Bear Plunge” winner in my camp
4. Making awards for Camp Cook-Off winners and participants
5. Aloe Vera Ice gel

The skits really weren’t that bad. This year they were super creative and way entertaining. Each ward was given a single bag or box full of props (the Stake leaders had cleaned out the Camp closet back at home and found 7 years worth of skit supplies) from the Stake. The rules were these, one) Use everything in your bag/box, and two) It has to have something to do with the theme. Here’s an overview of the wards’ skits:

First Ward-Miss Integrity Pageant
A line of judges watched as several contestants showed off their talents and what they stand for in their lives. Miss Texta (pretend phone in hand), Miss Flava-Flave (can’t spell it, and neither could she), Miss Worldly (no idea on anything except fashion), Miss Drama (“I think everyone is so amazing, but if you get in my way I will crush you.”), and Miss Integrity (I talk to the animals) each made their appearances and the judges had to decide. Guess who won?

Second Ward-Prepared in the Kitchen
I don’t really understand how this fit in with the theme, but parts of it were funny. The one part I remember was when one girl got another girl’s apron dirty. The second girl was upset about it and made a move to fight with the first girl. Then a third girl ran in with six aprons, three on each arm, and said to the second girl, “Ah, ah, ah! Polyester or cotton?” holding the aprons out for the second girl to look at. I thought that was funny.

Third Ward-Search for the Kingdom of Light
This must have been amazing, because I don’t remember it at all. I’m trying to picture girls dressed up in their Red ward color, but it’s not happening. Maybe this was when Linnea and I were running around the back of the building to make another entrance. Oh, no wait! I remembered! It was about these bugs (girls in butterfly, dragonfly, and other bug masks) looking for the right path to the magical Kingdom of Light. They got sidetracked by some gangsters looking for a bit of fun and were rescued by the Knight of Light. The gangster was the knight’s brother, and he was jealous because of all of the knight’s different names.

Fourth Ward-A Tight Ship
It started out with a ship in disarray. The captain blamed his mistakes on everyone else, the crew members had no idea what they were doing, the captain got angry and threw someone overboard, and when the crew members tried to rescue her they threw out a deflated life raft. Enter part two-a ship in complete order, with sailors shaving, using maps, cleaning cannons and guns, hoisting sails and fixing ropes, with a captain who listens to his crew members and knows just what to do. “Captain! There’s a homosapian in the H2O, exactly 52 degrees north-northeast!” A successful rescue which is watched by the other ship leads them to say, “Aw, man. I wish we could have rescued our friend like that.” A split second hesitation, and one girl says, “I’m going over there.” I really liked this skit. It was cute and clever.

Fifth Ward-The Garden
Two groups of flowers, each makes a different choice. One group grows bright and beautiful, keeping to the gardener’s instruction and allowing her to care for them. The other group clings tightly to the thorns and weeds that have taken root in their bed, shunning all care from the gardener. My favorite part was when Marissa, playing the gardener, went up to the last weed, played by Mindy. Mindy had a seven foot long tree trunk propped up against her side, leaning on it like a “cool kid” against his locker. The stick was three feet taller than Marissa. When Marissa tried to pull up the “weed” Mindy said “I’d like to see you try,” in a Yeah-right-I-don’t-think-so voice. In the end, a storm blew away the bad flowers and weeds, while the good flowers were protected by the gardener.

Eighth Ward-The Tree in the Forest
The tree, one of the girls in the eighth ward, steps forward to tell the story of the Bad Birds and the Bugs. She was wearing a sign around her neck that said “Tree” and a bird feeder on one arm. Girls holding the yard decoration birds and bugs had them flapping, buzzing, and twirling in the air in front of them. Then the tree began. The birds are always the bad ones, aren’t they? Bringing up their iPods to camp, gambling Starbursts with their smuggled face cards, hiding in the bathrooms when their leaders tell them to cook dinner or clean up. They’re just having a party, jamming to their tunes and breaking all the rules. The bugs seem to be having a great time, too. Scripture study early that morning was the bomb dot com, the flight up to Lone Pine was amazing, and all of the leaders are so nice. Then four or five bugs get bored and decide to check out what the birds are up to. “Come on over!” cry the birds, “We’re having a party!” The bugs make a choice and join them, only to be eaten as soon as they enter the circle.

Yes, I know, I know, I skipped Sixth Ward. That’s because I wanted to save the best for last, of course! Hold on to your hats!

Sixth Ward-The Judgment Day
Cast of Characters:

Randy-Rachel N.
Bus Driver-Miranda
Banditas-Kim, Sandra, Meghan, Shanae, Emily N.
Beer Buddies-Gabby, Stasia, McKenzie, Kaitlyn
Party Hardies-Amanda, Ashlyn, Rachel, Emily R.
Celestial Heroes-Katrina, Allyse, Meghan M., Sierra
Judgment Bouncers-Ashley, Jessica
Choir-Sister South, Sister Saffell, Sister Whitaker, Sister Baird

It starts out with the narrator telling how a group of girls is on a bus going to Camp SPARKS. Some are more prepared than others for what lies ahead, and camp will teach them how to be more prepared.

“The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round! The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, going to Camp SPARKS!”

Enter banditas, snapping and dressed in bandanas, cowboy hats, and mascara mustaches. Snap snap, snap snap, snap snap… Kim begins with a whispered “Who’s bad?” The rest follow, “I’m bad! (singing) I’m bad! I’m bad! I’m really, really bad! Yeah, I’m bad! I’m bad! I’m really, really bad! Whoo!” All the while side shuffling, moon walking, and ending with the Michael Jackson toe stand. Then they turn……….and shoot the bus driver.

Meghan M. yells out “Oh, no! There’s no driver! We’re going to crash!!!”

And crash they do. The banditas go around congratulating one another, but the bus driver isn’t dead. Miranda stands up, grabs a bucket of water, and throws it onto the banditas, shouting “I banish you to Outer Darkness!” Away the banditas run, and a heavenly choir begins ah ah ahing the theme from “The Little Mermaid” as the campers go to “heaven.”

Narrator explains that you never know when you’ll need to be prepared for your time to go. Let’s see who deserves which kingdom of glory.

Narrator pulls up their hair into a bun, turns around the bandana so it says the name “Ryan” on it, and gets into character.

Me as Ryan Seacrest says, “Welcome…to the Judgment Day. Here we are at Heaven Idol, where three groups will compete to see which kingdom they will go to. Who is prepared, and who is not? That is up to our judges to decide. Here we have our lovely lady Paula (Brittan), my brother from another mother Randy from the Dawg Pound, and our ever honest, blunt as a knife Simon. Let’s give it up for our three contestants-the Beer Buddies, the Party Hardies, and the Celestial Heroes. Give it up folks!”

The Judges: Randy/Rachel, Paula/Brittan, Simon/Hannah

Enter Beer Buddies, water bottles in hand, dancing around like they’re completely nuts, crazy, or both. “I just wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day!” They sing and sing, crashing into one another and soaking the audience with their “booze.”

Paula tells them nicely that they just aren’t ready for the highest glory. The Telestial, or third kingdom, is where they belong. They go off with a green ticket in hand.

Enter Party Hardies, hair brushes and mirrors in their pockets, singing and jumping up and down. “Girls just wanna have fuh-un, oh girls just wanna have fuh-un! They just wanna, they just wanna! Girls just wanna have fuh-un, oh girls just wanna have…they just wanna…”

The Party Hardies: Emily, Rachel, Amanda, Ashlyn, Sierra

Randy interrupts, “Dog, man. For me, for you, for me, I mean…it just…it just wasn’t in the dog pound tonight. You know what I’m saying? It just didn’t do it for me. Yours is Terrestrial, that’s it, man.” Hands them an orange ticket.

Enter Celestial Heroes, sunglasses on their faces and capes around their necks. They begin with a count of “A one, a two, a three…”

To the tune of “Best of Both Worlds” by Miley Cyrus

We’re the Celestial Heroes!
We read our scriptures each day,
and we pray spirituallay.

You’ll get Celestial glory!
Without the sins and the pain
you can make it okay.

Mix it all together
and you know you’ll get to Heaven

Simon’s judgment-“That was………brilliant. Celestial Kingdom. You’re in.” Hands them a yellow ticket.

Ryan switches to hair down and bandana in back, says the theme and gives the little spiritual ending thing-“You never know when you need to be spiritually prepared. Any little trial can make it hard to stay strong, but as long as you have made yourself ready you will always be safe. Camp SPARKS-Spiritually Prepared, Always Ready, Keeping Safe.”

The End

See? Told you it was the best. ;)

The Banditas: Kim, Shanae, Emily, and Allyse

In the end, the skits really weren’t that bad. I just hate getting up and performing in front of small audiences. Linnea and I M.C.ed the whole thing. Then I was in my own ward’s skit, switch back to M.C., switch to SYCL commercial slot, switch to M.C.-phew. It didn’t help that a very large bumblebee decided to land on me. Fareaky. Linnea and I told jokes, “tap danced,” and looked stupid. On purpose. I guess it was a success, because we got a lot of laughs and people told us that it was fantastic. I still felt stupid. Oh, well.

Earlier in the day I’d washed my hair in the outdoor faucet, which was so amazing. Then I decided to use the showers. Major cold. But hey, I’m clean. It’s so nice. I’ll probably shower again on Friday. AND because I showered, Sister Baird gave me a Kool-Aid bottle and a medal to wear around my neck, declaring me Polar Plunge Winner. :) Haha.

I made eight journals today. Impressive, no? Now that I have eleven, I wonder what I’ll do with them all. Probably use them to consolidate all of the poems I’ve written on the backs of receipts. There are a lot of those. Just call me Emily Dickinson.

Our ward was supposed to go for a hike today but no one wanted to go. Except the leaders, that is. So we stayed in camp. Yay. Since I was here, I helped to write verses for “The Gossip Song” or Singing News. It will be fun, because I wrote part of it.


1. Feel so sick
2. Messing up during SYCL Flag Ceremony skit
3. Stinky bathrooms
4. Having my ideas stolen by leaders and then passing them off as their own
5. Hike tomorrow at 5:30 AM

1. Watching the Chubby Bunny Contest
2. Pretty landscape with the molten silver pool of moon cradled in the treetops
3. Chapstick
4. Being able to vent boredom on arts and crafts
5. Mrs. Long’s talk at Flag Ceremony

Brittan and I were in charge of this evenings Flag Ceremony. It was kind of a mess. So was the SYCL skit. I had the main part, so my screw up was the worst. I did get dinner though, after Flag Ceremony. Tin foil dinners. They’re one of the best parts of camp. I love them.

Singing around the campfire was followed by roasting marshmallows and Starbursts. If you have never tried a roasted Starburst then you have never lived. I know it sounds weird, but it is such an amazing treat. I made some for each of the leaders who had never tried it before. So yummy. But soon, roasting the marshmallows wasn’t enough. A Chubby Bunny Contest began. The point is to be the last person able to shove marshmallows into your mouth, no chewing, no swallowing. It’s actually really gross. Sandra won at 14 marshmallows. Ew. Oh, and they weren’t the small marshmallows. They were the jumbo, big as the palm of you hand kind. Gag me with a spoon! Or a mallow. It’s about the same.

Shanae and Katrina, Chubby Bunny Contestants

Kim, Sandra, Allyse, Brittan, Shanae during the Chubby Bunny Contest

No more writing. I feel too horrible. Stupid sun!


Woman in a Window said...

THESE are going to be some of the best memories of your life, all the way from wet and cold jacket to 14 marshmallows in the mouth. Even being up in front of everyone acting. Reminds me of some mighty fine times of my own. Thanks for the walk...HAVE FUN!

Hilary said...

I was thinking pretty much the same thing that WIAW expressed. You're recording your youth.. lucky you. It slips away so quickly. Hold tight and enjoy. :)