Sunday, July 5, 2009

big bugs...

My good friend Kirt and I spent Friday evening at the park near my house. We stopped by the Snow Shack to pick up a treat (his root beer, mine peach) and made our way to the swings nearby. Kirt, being to me an older brother, gave me advice on boys, politics, school, and pretty much everything under the sun. I don't think he's afraid of anything, and he's super confident. Which is even more amazing because Kirt is blind. Saying this, you will understand why I pretty much freaked out when he decided to swing as high as he could and then jump out. I can't do that and I can see where I need to land. Kirt just lets go and "hope I come out okay." Crazy boy.

As we were swinging, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Beetle stopped by. Large and black, he cut an impressive figure, albeit forcing a scream from my throat at least once. He stopped in front of me and asked for a portrait to take home, and I obliged (though still frightened and wishing him to go away). Here is Mr. Beetle, my first official Camera Critter:

A second large and rather more attractive insect has taken up host in my hair. At the fair on Friday, I ran into a man who was selling real butterfly hairclips and displays. These beautiful creatures are raised on farms in the forests and jungles around the world. Habitats for endangered species of butterflies are protected, and these butterflies are able to reproduce and recreate their populations. When some of them die, they are gathered up and made into hair clips, displays to put on the wall, and bouquets. I couldn't resist having one of this little beauties of my own. She now perches happily on my head, wings spread in constant flight:

I can't wait to hear what some of my friends will say. Cami hates butterflies and will probably scream and run. Same with Meri. Tony will probably point out that I have a bug in my hair. Lol.


Beth Kephart said...

Love this post.

Love Kirt.

Think you look dashing with wings in your hair.

And yes. What you wrote made sense.

Q said...

I think the butterfly's lovely. How are you going to keep it from getting hurt?

Joy said...

The butterfly in your hair is really pretty, but it also gives me shivers. I don't know how that's possible.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Beth: Thank you. :)

Q: It goes in a special box when I'm not wearing it. One of the wings got a little bent at church today, so I emailed the man I purchased it from and he said he can put more of the sealant on it to straighten it out. Other than that, just be careful with it. :)

Joy: My sister said the same thing. :D