Friday, July 24, 2009

happy 24th...

Pioneer Day in Utah, celebrating the day the Mormon pioneers viewed the Great Salt Lake Valley for the first time from the mouth of Immigration Canyon (state holiday and I still had to work-at the Boy Scout office, no less, where we're supposed to be all patriotic-pffft-but hey, we only had 12 people come in, so next year we will probably not be open). My neighbors are setting off fireworks. Loudly. I don't go to watch-I feel like I'd be intruding since I wasn't invited and I didn't pay for them. Instead, I wrote something and found something from the 4th that I wrote. I didn't post it then, because Q had done the same thing and I didn't want her to think I'd stolen her idea. So now it's 20 days later. I think that's long enough. :)

on July 24, 2009
Cannon shouts stop my heart,
relieving the constant drum
and creating a discordant
A rest from the steady beating.
Shells explode-
spill sparkling, streaming ribbons
of light-
Red as blood.
Blue as tears.
Proof that all darkness must end.
I cling to that.
Let it wash me away;
peace among the chaos.

on July 4, 2009
Explosions of color
paint the night
black canvas.
Streams of red, drips of blue,
splattered patch of white.
Green, yellow, purple, orange
burst loudly into life-
popping colors,
shining colors,
colors in the night.
Bold summer flowers-
flashing shades and tints
of every kind
in a garden of stars
and darkened air.
Blasting outwards into
giant blossoms,
showing off their
finery before
wilting slowly
back to Earth.
Wisps and tendrils of
gray-the only ghosts left
of streams of red, drips of blue,
splattered patch of white.
Softly, softly fading
from the black
canvas of night.

I don't know if they're any good, but again, I like them. The second one seems a bit happier though, doesn't it?

Summerfest Fireworks Show in June 2009


Q said...

I don't care if you steal my ideas for blog posts...

spider said...

They're really good. :) The second one is a bit more cheerful, but I like the first more.