Friday, July 17, 2009

how dumb...

What stupid person schedules school pictures for Seniors in July? July is the season for sunburns, breakouts due to excessive sunscreen application, bug bites, and other problems easily seen on film. I hope they're happy when all of the Seniors turn up with spotty, red, peeling faces for the Yearbook. Stupid administration. They've obviously forgotten how important Picture Day is to a Senior, who has zero confidence and fits in no where all ready.

The photography group that's doing the pictures is no good, anyway. Maybe we'll all be blurry or off-centered, which is what happens at most dances. Sadies and Preference I hear were the worst (I myself had blurry, off-centered Sadie Hawkins pictures). I suppose it's a blessing in disguise. Any discoloration could be blamed on the camera settings. That's what we'll do.

So dumb. I hate pictures. I hate Picture Day. I HATE HIGH SCHOOL.


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Char said...

LOL I remember having my senior picture shot twice before I was satisfied