Sunday, June 12, 2011

day 33...

a picture of the house I grew up in...

There's a saying that goes can't see the forest for the trees. Well. In this case, you can't see the house for the trees. Literally.

Seeing as I live inside my house, I don't generally stand across the street in the neighbor's yard to look at my own house. When I went out to take a picture, I was actually very surprised to see that I couldn't see my house. At all. Unless I squinted very hard and ducked down to almost kneel on the cement. Then I could see it. A little. But not much.

When my family moved into this house, I was 5 and a half years old. The two trees gave our house its name, Twin Pines. They stood much shorter and less full than they do now, and were more twin-like in nature. Now they look different because one of them got struck by lightning and the top got snapped. I remember that night well. There was a crack outside my window so loud and a rumble through the ground so large that I thought the earth had split open. Terrified me.

Anyway. I've lived in this house for 14 years. It houses all of my stuff, and the majority of my memories. I like this house. I like it very much.

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