Thursday, June 23, 2011

day 44...

a picture of someone I'm told I look like...

When I was little, my mom would get stopped in stores all of the time by people who wanted to look at me. Creepy, right? Anyway, she told me that they would say one of three things:
  1. "Oh, what a handsome little boy!"--This was due to the fact that my mom often dressed me in blue, believing that colors should not be and are not gender specific. Though to be honest, how a person could get a baby wearing a blue sailor dress with blue bows in its hair confused with a boy is beyond me.
  2. "Oh, what a beautiful baby! She is gorgeous! Look at those eyes! And those curls!"--These people got it right. I was indeed a girl baby.
  3. "Goodness, she's adorable! She looks just like Shirley Temple!"
The picture up top is Shirley herself. The picture below? That's me. Nowadays I don't know who I look like, and no one says I look like anyone in particular. But when I was a baby, I was a Shirley Temple twinner. I even won the Baby Contest they have at the 4th of July around here as a Shirley impersonator, singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and "Animal Crackers in My Soup". 3 years in a row, my friends. That's my claim to fame.

So yes. I used to look like Shirley Temple. Good times.

PS Excuse the somewhat sarcastic tone of this post...I feel a little awkward talking about who I looked like. Especially since I don't consider myself to have been cute when I was a kid...just awkward, lol.


Coleman said...

Wonderful post!!!
It reminds me of all the countless times I've answered the phone and they've said:

CALLER: "Hi, Steffani?"

COLEMAN: "No, this is Coleman," --I have to let them know that they made a mistake, it's absolutely necessary!-- "But I'll get her."

~*~The Family~*~ said...

You did look like her. Cute!