Monday, June 27, 2011

day 48...

a picture of my favorite actor/actress...

When I saw this one I literally groaned in dismay. Again, how the heck am I supposed to pick a favorite? So I went a couple of my absolute favorites.

Colin Firth, British actor extraordinaire. He truly is an incredible actor. Everything I've seen him in has left me loving this guy and his skill. When he's onscreen, I literally forget I'm watching a movie. That's just how an actor should perform. No more performance--they are the character they portray.

Another guy who makes me forget I'm watching a movie: Alan Rickman. Whether playing a bad guy or a hero, he always does an amazing job.

Now a woman who makes me forget I'm watching a film: Maggie Smith. Gosh, she is awesome! She's funny and clever and has an incredible sense of timing and delivery of her lines and actions. Fantastic.

Hm. All three of these people are British. Brits for the win! :)

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