Monday, June 20, 2011

day 41...

a picture of my pet...

In real life, I have one pet. She lives at my house with me, and I totally adore her. In pretend life (which has been the past week and a half and will last until Thursday [most likely], I have 5 pets and a tank full of fish. Pretend life is me playing house while my friends are on vacation. So all total, I have 6 pets and a fish tank. But that's only pretend life.

First is Misty. She is my sweet little Maltese-Pomeranian-Shi Tzu mutt, or Malteraniantzu, as we call her sometimes. She's the cutest little dog evah. You've heard a bit about her already. While I'm out playing house, she stays home, because a couple of the other pets I have might eat her. Not really, but she's tiny and some of them are rather large.

Second, Meg. She is my pretend life cat (or one of them). Brindled and petite, watch out. She looks innocent, but she's kind of not, especially when one walks past the pantry. Meg is into grabbing ankles and holding on for the fun of it. She's quite the little prankster, but is always ready to show and receive affection.

Third is the ever illusive Crissy, which is why there is no picture of her. She's white most of the time, but she has a habit of rolling in the dirt outside in the garden and so is usually half gray. This cat kind of has issues, aka she often times seems to be in a constant state of PMS. Tread carefully!

Fourth: the always silly, always lovable, juicy-dog Jade the boxer. Juicy because she loves to give kisses. It wouldn't be too bad, if it weren't for the fact that her tongue is the size of the Great Lakes (and just as wet). This dog is slightly dumb, and I'm not joking. She makes up for her ditziness with her fun loving personality, always ready to play or cuddle. Jason is her man, and don't you forget it!

Fifth: Tootsie, the chocolate Labrador with a rather round physique and patient, sweet temperament. All of these qualities hearken back to the Tootsie roll candy, her namesake. Her light brown eyes rimmed in gold and black give her a somewhat wild appearance (especially late at night when she has random spazz attacks of joy and wildness), but she's truly a sweetheart. Don't mess with her kids, though--you've never met a better babysitter.

The sixth member of this strange band is Chessie, Kyle's bird. All I'm going to say is this: I swear this bird hates me.

Last but not least is the fish tank. Complete with eel, little tetras, some kind of flowy black and white fish, a couple of other small fish, and a 23 year old algae eater (the fish is older than Jason), it is quite the hodge podge of scaled water dwellers. The algae eater is the crown jewel: it's huge!! It's circled in red in the picture, and that's only half of it. The rest is behind the rock. Huge. Old. Fish. Yep.

So this is who I spend my time with of late, while I play house and act like a grown up. It's quite fun, actually. I rather enjoy this, me and my motley crew of animals, birds, fish, and the occasional spider (although they are not invited and are eliminated on sight...last night there was a HUGE one and it was terrifying).

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