Saturday, June 4, 2011

i hate 'em...

Have you ever seen the Indiana Jones movies? Indy hates snakes. Hates ‘em. Think the first movie: "I HATE snakes, Chuck. I HATE 'em!!"

Well, Indy and I have something in common. I hate snakes. Hate ‘em. I despise them and wish that they would all just die. Ha, not quite die because that would probably cause serious problems in some food chain somewhere, but I would be very happy if they would at least stay as far away from me as possible. But no. Snakes seem to find me when I least expect them to. Or I find them. Like at the Raddatz home on Wednesday. I took Kyle a snow cone after I got off of work (another good tip day) and stuck around to play with the kids for awhile. From outside we heard Sister Raddatz call “Guys! Come look at this!” So of course I had to go look.

Snake. Right there in the yard. SNAKE. TWO FEET of SNAKE, flattening itself against the pavement. And then Jade, Jason’s dog, attacked the thing. And what did I do?

I saved the snake.

I grabbed Jade and made her sit, and picked up a 5 foot long stick and tried to get the snake onto it so I could take it to the field next to the house. It wouldn’t go on the stick because it was all coiled up to protect itself, and I was shaking so badly that I probably would have dropped it even if the stupid thing had cooperated.

So there I am, freaking out because I hate snakes but trying to save it from death by Jade, while Sister Raddatz, Kyle, and Brother Raddatz stood there laughing at me as I tried to pick up the snake and would scream and run away then come back when Jade would move to get it again. Finally Brother Raddatz just picked it up (getting a scream out of me and laughter out of everyone else), and he carried it to the field. The whole time I had a hold of Jade so she wouldn’t go after the snake in the field, still freaking out that I touched the snake with a stick.

I live dangerously.


Q said...

Was this a garter snake? Because if it was, I've been bitten by one before. It scared the heck out of me, but it didn't hurt. Not a big deal.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Yes, a garter snake. I still hate it.