Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beagle boy...

I've been missing my Buddy dog lately. Misty and Molly are great girls, and I love them. Right now, though, I wish that I could hear Buddy clickety click across the kitchen, trot thuddle trot down the stairs, skippity HEAVE up onto my bed, then feel him put his head on my lap, see him look up at me, and with those eyes of his ask, "Hey, friend. Whatcha doin'?"

I wish I'd spent more time with him. I wish I'd taken more pictures. I wish I could have him back, and hear his booming bray; see him grin after treeing a cat or mastering a trick; feel his silky soft ears between my fingers; hold him tight when I'm sad or afraid.

Oh, I miss my Buddy.

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