Sunday, March 4, 2012

sweet kids...

Sometimes I don't like teaching primary. Those are the days when I feel super exhausted from being busy all week, and I can barely get out of bed let alone handle the energy of four very intelligent six-year-olds. Those days when I feel inadequate and worry that no matter how I present a lesson I'm not making a difference for the kids at all. Those are the days when I cannot for the life of me get the kids to sit in their chairs, let alone be quiet and reverent.

Other days I love teaching primary. Those are the days when I still feel all of the things I feel on not so good days, but they are also the days when the lesson goes well. The days when the kids remember what we talked about, and each of them raised their hands multiple times to participate, and each one of them behaved for the most part.

Those are also the days when they say really funny/cute things that make me burst into laughter on the inside while at the same time marveling at how smart they are. For example:

Primary boy one: "I want to draw a picture of people kicking and punching each other!"
Primary boy two: "No. Jesus would get mad at us."

Hilariously precious, right?

Primary teacher (me) showing a picture: "Who can tell me who this is?"
Primary boy: "IT'S JESUS!"
Primary girl: "Preston, you're not even looking at the picture. It's not Jesus, it's a kid with a horse." *looking at me and rolling her eyes* "Boys are so weird."
I agree, Sophie.

Primary teacher (me): "What do you think we're going to talk about today?"
Primary boy: "Choose the right. Because we always talk about choose the right every single lesson every year. It's like they think we haven't figured it out yet or something."

Oh, snap.

And just so you know, Preston: I felt exactly the same way when I was a six-year-old.

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Lindzena said...

Oh my goodness I totally relate! I love my kids but sometimes I feel like I'm not making a difference. Then those little comments make it all worth it though. :)