Tuesday, March 6, 2012

happy making...

First order of business: yesterday was a bad day and I'm sorry for being a whiny baby. Thank you to all of the people who helped me through it.

Second order of business: today was a pretty darn good day overall. There have been some hard moments (or hours) but it's been good.

Here's why...

...cute boy (Kyle) from my English class sitting down next to me and talking to me before the lecture started (that never happens so it was momentous)
...97% on my 16 hour monstrosity of a literary review
...+3 extra credit points on aforementioned assignment for my "excellent notations" (the word excellent was triple underlined) so...
...100%(!!!) on literary review

[insert much rejoicing]


...96% on my resume portfolio
...watching a video in my religion class that starred my super gorgeous cool cousin Paul (it's only awkward because we're related...if you saw a picture of him, you'd understand)
...15/15 on my stats quiz for the day...I get ridiculously giddy when I get 100% on a stats quiz
...getting to religion class late = bad, but getting there late to find a seat reserved for you by classmates = good...yay FRIENDS!!! Yay Nia, Derek, and Autumn!!!
...lunch with dad
...Coke...three glasses of it...OH DEAR, maybe that's why I'm feeling so great today...*smirk*
...religion professor turning his head really quickly to answer a question and his glasses flying off his face: "Whoa! Maybe we should just have the closing prayer now and call it good, because that was weird."
...Costco adventure with dad to get dinner (spinach artichoke dip and crackers which dad called a genius idea)
..."Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift...OBSESSED with this song
...getting a hug and a hello from beautiful Allie Morgan(!!!) at Costco
...BLASTING songs on the radio with the car windows rolled down
...multiple favorite songs right in a row on the radio..."Set Fire to the Rain," "Part of Me," "Make You Glad You Came," "We Found Love", and more...all in a ROW
...found my wedding dress last night (so what if it was actually found yesterday, I'm still excited)...do I need it yet? nooo...do I love it anyway? pretty much...YES
...English professor on Twilight movies: "I'm always distracted by Edward's strange looking chest--why is ANYONE attracted to that?!"
...along the lines of pectorals: "See, now you all know how to get me distracted and frazzled. You just have to mention pecs and I'll get all...like this. And I was so excited for a great lecture today."

Oh, it was a great lecture, Liz. Hilarious.

PS The pectoral conversation was my fault...she asked for a good movie for an example of anthamemes (spelling...she never actually wrote it out on the board) and I shouted out "CAPTAIN AMERICA!" Ready, GO! Cue the comments about buff super heroes, naked torsos, rippling pectorals, et cetera. However, that is not why I like the movie. In fact...the scenes where Steve's musculos grandes (quoting from Jordan's most recent letter to me) are emphasized? Those are the ones where I feel really uncomfortable. Sup awk, guys. SUP awk.

I guess I just have issues with nudity.

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