Thursday, March 1, 2012

your null hypothesis is no good...

My English teacher gave us an assignment to create an annotated bibliography and literary review of our sources for our research papers that are due near the end of March. We were (are) to
1. find 15 sources, 5 background and 10 contemporary
2. perfectly cite all sources in MLA format
3. add an annotation to each source explaining why it provides evidence for our thesis statement/argument
4. write a literary review explaining how our sources "talk to each other" in the scholarly conversation that we are entering with our topic

Estimated time of completion: 6-8 hours, to be handed in one week from the date assignment was given

15 hours of studying later, I'm thinking that my professor's hypothesis of 6-8 hours of work on this assignment is, in fact, off.

Yes, I did put it off until the last three days (I have good reasons...they're just kind of personal and stupid). However, it's taking me a lot longer than I feel like it should.

Based on what I've learned this semester, my professor's Ho, or null hypothesis of Ho: mu = 8hrs can be countered with an alternative hypothesis, Ha: mu > 8hrs.

Do I want to talk to all of my classmates and find out the mean of our research and preparation time? Yes, in fact, I do. Do I actually have time to do it? H-freakin' no. I still have to write the literary review and read for Stats and read for Humanities and write in the solfege on my music for choir (I'm still the only one in that class who can't sight read solfege and it makes me feel ridiculously stupid awesome. Personally I think solfege is ridiculous. There are words for a reason. All I ever needed to know about "do, re, mi" I learned from The Sound of Music).

Oh, b the dub: hazelnut hot chocolate is good. Really good. I already knew that, but after today, it's been reaffirmed. That's a null hypothesis I can believe! Not that the equation actually applies here but...whatever.

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Q said...

I also think solfege is silly. Just use nonsense syllables and sight read the thing.

(I can sight read now! It's kind of amazing to me.)