Sunday, March 18, 2012

church and state...

I had some pretty good laughs in Sharing Time today. I swear, kids say the cutest things. It makes me glad that I get to be a Primary teacher.

Teacher displaying a picture of an apostle on the board: "Who is this a picture of?"
Little girl: "Abraham Lincoln." was Boyd K. Packer. Good try, hon!

Teacher: "Who is the president?"
Little boy: "Obama is, but we better get Romney this time."

She meant the president of the church, but considering the little guy's parents, it's an easy mistake to make. Chip off the old block, he is, haha!

Music leader: "Do you have a question?"
Little girl: "No, I just wanted to point out that I noticed that in the first two lines of this song, the last two words, well...they're homophones. 'Hear' and 'here.' See it?"

Yay for grammar lessons!

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