Sunday, October 25, 2009

about to become a murderess...

I am going to kill Facebook. Seriously. I am so freaking mad at whoever decided to change the website, because guess what? Ever since they did my account has been acting completely screwy. Half of the time I can't even log in. The other half as follows: deleted friends list, no search engine, complete inability to post on anything, no chats, nothing. I am so mad. It's not a virus on my computer, either. I've tried it on five different PCs and laptops, and nothing is working. I just changed my password so it's not a hack (I hope). Ugh!

And in general I'm just mad. I don't know why. It's like, "I have decided to hate the world with a fiery passion because it just exists and there is no good reason!!! I freaking hate everything!" I am just upset!

What is my problem? And when I try and think of what the problem is, I just get more angry. I freaking want to kill something!

Like Facebook. UGH!!!


spider said...

Gahh. That sucks. Facebook seems to enjoy tormenting people.

Coleman said...

I know!
I don't have a Facebook but my blog's editor was going loopy. I'm sorry that your angry.


P.S. LOVE the new background!!!!!!

SANDY said...

Thank goodness I've joined facebook. Don't need the aggrevation. Doing some blog walking this am and found my way here.

Hope you troubles go away.


Joy said...

At least if you kill Facebook in your head, you won't get tried and convicted. ;o)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

spider: No joke. I'm not the only one. But it's fixed today. :)

Coleman: Computers are dumb. Lol. Thanks!

Sandy: They did! Woot!

Joy: Good point. ;)