Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what i did today...

I hardly even remember. Let's see...a list perhaps.

  • First time ever getting anything less than an "A" in Seminary. I should probably actually GO this term, instead of sleeping in. I hate not being able to sleep. It messes up my whole schedule.
  • I've been adopted as an unofficial assistant choir librarian for A Cappella. I like to help; it's fun.
  • I have to sing alto on "Worship the King" with Concert Choir instead of 1st Soprano with A Cappella. Rats. No high notes for me.
  • IQ test results from Jackman's class-161. I'm told that's good?
  • Almost talked to Jason, but kind of sort of ran away without running. I'm so bad at this whole thing.
  • Sadie's group is getting HUGE beyond all reason. I really need to learn to say no to people. I can't though. :P
  • After school NHS activity was way fun, even though the only thing I did was paint people's faces/hands and have my face painted. Blue swirlies and glitter! Woot!
  • Bought gas for the car today because I figured it was time to stop ignoring the "Empty" light.
  • Made some new friends at the bank. The tellers there are really nice; I see them about every two weeks. I can't remember their names. There are three of them, two blonde and one dark. One guy doesn't talk very much, but has a nice smile. Another talks a lot about everything and has a great laugh, and the last guy always talks to me about school and what I want to do when I get older. I like them. None of the girl tellers talk to me though. It's kind of weird.
  • Bought a birthday present for Zach. I know it's late, but I had to wait for my pay check. It's from me and my sisters. I think it's pretty much amazing, and it's something he mentioned wanting to get someday. Can you say fedora? :D
  • Talked to above person for awhile. I get to see him perform on Friday night with BYU's Young Ambassadors. I'm so excited for him!
  • Started filling out BYU application. Ugh.
  • Watched Field of Dreams with my family. Weird movie.
That's all. Nothing super eventful, but the day as it was.

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Q said...

An IQ of 161 is phenomenal.