Thursday, October 29, 2009


All right. Whoever said learning music was easy lied to me. Italian is hard. Spanish is hard. Nigerian is hard. Latin is hard. German is hard. Let's just throw in some Mandarin Chinese to top it off. Oh, AND get all of the notes right. And sing with the "chuh and the buh and the kuh" *punch* *punch* *punch* (diaphragm) instead of the "laaaaaaaah" *tilt head* (throat). No pop sounds for me; classical! Classical! It's harder than it looks. *sigh*

I'm actually having a great time in all of these new classes. Still, I find myself panicking about all of the different pronunciations and styles of music. Take, for example, the aria I have to sing for Solo Ensembles. All by myself, mind you (I found out today that you have to do that for Ariosa). It's in Italian. The pronunciation isn't too difficult-I just have to remember the silent "g" in "voglio" and "che" is something like "key". Then there's the listening practice (Mrs. Mathews suggested Kathleen Battle or someone like that first, because I have "a light voice") and the 20 minutes a day vocal practice. Then there's the A Cappella music for Christmas and the ACDA Tour to Arizona. Then there's Concert Choir Christmas music, which isn't difficult at all but takes memorizing.

I'll be honest-I am really nervous and frustrated with all of this because it's brand new. After all, I just finished a whole term in school and got used to the schedule. Now it's all mixed up again. BUT despite this, I am freaking LOVING it at the same time. So it's all good, really. Yay.

Speaking of learning things, my sister Meg had an orchestra concert tonight. Let's say that it wasn't completely torturous. The junior high has a new teacher this year, and she's all right, I guess. She teaches at a much, much, MUCH slower pace than the previous two teachers have (i swear the job is cursed; it's like the Defense Against the Dark Arts post in Harry Potter-no teacher lasts more than a year [this is the fourth in four years]), and they're not terrible but not great. She seems to be a good teacher for technique, but doesn't spend a lot of time on performance pieces. Oh, well. I hope Meg's getting something out of it.

Blasted tired. EMR tomorrow morning. Dog is fed, so am I, and my costume is ready in the living room. Homework is all done (i hope) and a choir concert tomorrow for my friend. Pay day tomorrow, too. Dad comes home from his work trip, and I get to talk to the school administration about sitting in on a Collaboration Meeting (teacher stuff) for a Communications assignment. Life is good.

Peace out.



Q said...

In Italian, "che" isn't "key," it's "keh." "chi" is "key." What aria are you singing?

Coleman said...

You're going on chior tour to Arizona?



Georgie K. Buttons said...

Q: Told you I'm struggling. Ugh. And I don't remember what it's called. "Seben Crudelle" or something. It's about a person who is completely in love with someone even though that someone treats them horribly. I hope it wasn't picked as a hint for my life. Lol. I'll keep the pronunciation in mind. Thanks! <3

Coleman: Yep! And you're close on awesome. Just missed an "e". No big deal. :)

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Like the new side thingies on your blog. Had to look to make sure I was in the right place.