Sunday, October 18, 2009

our friendly neighborhood undead cemetery tour guide...

Remember Zach? My Ozian best buddy? My sisters and I were finally able to schedule a time where we could hang out. The perfect setting for four Thespians-at-heart: a Halloween Dance!!! Actually it was three of us; Amanda missed the age cut-off by three months. Next year, little sister!

Getting ready started out as a complete and utter nightmare. Meghan and I had planned on wearing our Ozian dresses to the dance. We tried them on last week and they fit fine. As we put them on, we found that it was not going to work. At all. Meghan has grown about two inches-her dress no longer fits because her torso is too long for it. I, by some miracle, have dropped two dress sizes(from an 18 to a 14 [I'll tell you about that later-squee!!! Excited!!!]), and looked like I was wearing a rather sparkly gunnysack. So! Meghan decided to wear one of my dresses from two Halloweens ago, when I was a dark Medieval princess/Morgan le Fay type character (sorry, I can't spell her name, I just know she's from Camelot). She would be Bellatrix Black, teen-aged and still at Hogwarts before meeting Lestrange. That left me wondering what to do. If Zach was planning on being an Ozian, I could wear the dress with some safety pins in the shoulders. But if he wasn'

Phone call! Any idea how difficult that was? I was BAWLING because I was afraid he'd be mad at me. Which is stupid; he's Zach! It turns out he wasn't going as an Ozian, and would not tell me what he was coming as. Now it was time to panic-no Oz costume, Bellatrix is taken, the Queen Hermione costume from "A Winter's Tale" would look terrible over black tights, GAH!!! Frantic pawing though the closet! THIS looks fantastic.

Meet Narcissa Black, soon to become Narcissa Malfoy, sister to Bellatrix and future mother of Draco Malfoy. I found a dress that we'd used in the play "Singin' in the Rain" a long time ago for one of the silent actress characters, and it fit me perfectly (which is saying something-it's skinny). Put on some eye liner, some shadow, and dark red lipstick and presto chango! Narcissa stands before you! Except I don't have a large blonde streak in my hair. We decided that Bellatrix hadn't pulled that prank yet (which didn't actually happen in the book, but we'll go with it anyway). So, without being skanky or anything else, Meghan and I transformed into the two eldest Black sisters, dark and, if I do say so, rather terrifying. *smirk*

Amanda, as I said before, couldn't go to the dance. Still, she wanted to dress up. So she put on some blue jeans, a black top, a black sweater, pulled her hair up slightly, and put a sign on her stomach that said "MUGGLE". Perfect.

It wasn't until we got to the Payson Main Street exit that I started to get nervous. I hadn't seen Zach in, oh, two or three weeks, and I was just full of butterflies from head to toe. My best friend! Yay! Oh, no! No, this is a good thing. Yay! No! Arg!

We got to his house and didn't really know where to go. Last time I was there I was with Kaila (oh, goodness, I haven't told you all about Sadie's yet! Horrors! I will do that soon, promise!) when we picked Brenden (Zach's older brother) and Zach up to go to Sadie Hawkins. We went to the back door, but I wasn't sure if that was because we were supposed to or because Kaila is Brenden's best friend. Luckily Aaron, Zach's oldest brother, was outside, and he sent us to the back door. Carlton, Zach's other older brother, answered the door, looking sort of confused. I would have been too, if there'd been two girls in lacy dresses with heavy make-up and one girl dressed normally showed up at my door in the evening. Lol. We must have looked horrible!

Two words: fabulous beyond all reason. Okay, that was four, but it took that many to tell about his costume! He was dressed up as some sort of 3 Musketeer looking thing, but not at the same time. Probably due to the fact that he'd sprayed his hair white and had painted his face like a skeleton. All in all, he looked awesome! I'm so glad my sisters and I actually went all out, otherwise we would have been totally shown up. Lol. Theatre guys rock. I was so happy to see him! He's handsome even when undead. Haha.

So I don't know if I've told you, but Zach lives across the street from the Payson City Cemetery, which is third on the list of Most Haunted Sites in Utah. I remember walking out to the car with Zach, and then noticing that we were going in the complete opposite direction from where I'd parked. Instead, we were heading to the cemetery gate, which stays open pretty much all night. Zach wanted to show us "where I grew up". My first thought, yeah right. No, seriously. He told us all about playing there with his friends during the day and the night, pulling pranks on the ghost hunters who came out with their contraptions to find "things", and scaring off the drug dealers who frequented the area for awhile. It's true-I asked his mom.

When I mentioned that my grandpa was buried in the cemetery, Zach wanted to try and find it. We spent a few minutes searching the map, but couldn't figure out how to read it. Amanda took the opportunity while my back was turned to scare me silly. The funny thing was, though, that as Zach took us deeper into the cemetery and farther from the light, I got braver and Amanda got more freaked out. She kept stopping, and I kept walking until I was far ahead of them. I think it unnerved Zach that I was so determined to keep going. He knows I get scared easily, and he thought I'd be the one to want to leave.

Finally he caught my arm and made me wait for them to catch up. I had a reason for wanting to walk away. I've been having nightmares about that cemetery for two weeks. I wanted to figure out why. I found that I actually wasn't scared until Zach made me stop and said very firmly that we were leaving. What frightened me was that he'd been so calm and seemed so at home there (no pun on his undead costume), reassuring us that he'd never take us anywhere where we could get hurt and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Then all of the sudden he's got a hold of me and looks in my eyes, telling me that we have to go right now. That's when I got scared. So, I made it easy for him. I left without a fight, which also surprised him. Haha. We're always throwing each other off guard. It's fun. You know, I think I might have actually scared him by my interest in the cemetery. He knows I hate scary things, and the dark, but I kept on going farther and farther in. Maybe that's why he wanted out of there. Hm. I'll have to ask him.

Zach is amazing. We didn't dance much, because Zach always seems uncomfortable. He says he doesn't know how to move to music that isn't ballroom or ballet or anything. He can break dance a little bit, but "that's different". Whatever, I'm totally fine playing shadow tag out in the grass. Which is what we did. It was awful! I kept losing because I couldn't figure out how to keep my six shadows away from him and Meghan! There were three streetlights and a light from the church where the dance was, and somehow I'd stand just where they could all hit me. He of course found the one spot where no lights hit him, and shared with Meghan. Ugh. I lose at games.

We talked about a lot of interesting things. Some of my past came out without meaning to, because he's had similar experiences. I didn't want him to know those things. At all. Too late now. He still doesn't know all of what you know, though. Hope he never reads this. Lol. That would be awkward!

And, he finally poked me. When we drove him home, Amanda came with us, and she wanted to see if he was "pokeish". While saying good-bye, she, being the flirt she is (lol, long story), sneaked up behind him and poked him. He retaliated, and also got Meghan. I was outta there, but he wasn't going to give up easily. He chased me! I got out into the street and turned around, and Zach just kept running after me. He missed the first four times. Then he just started to talk to my sisters, and being the "innocent thing" that I am, I fell for it. I came back towards them and he got me. Embarrassing moment-I totally screamed because it surprised me and tickled. Gosh.

Zach is amazing. He's probably the most amazing guy I've ever met. Which scares me, in some ways. I might get too attached. And that would be bad.

I think that was the most fun I've had in a very long time. The cemetery was my favorite part; Amanda was so funny! She keeps saying that the reason she was scared was because she kept waiting for Zach's friends to jump out from behind headstones and trees. She thought he'd been planning it the whole time. He'd never do that. At least, not with me around. He knows I'd never speak to him again. Haha. Nah. I'd just fall apart and then not speak to him for a very long time. He knows I trust him. And, funnily enough, he trusts me. See? Best friends. I told you so. :) Or did I? I might've forgotten. Gah, there's so much I have to tell you all! And so I won't forget later on.

I think you're going to be hearing more about Zach. Shall I post a disclaimer on posts about him so you can skip if you don't want to read it? Lol.

Best night ever. I hope there are more of them down the road.

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