Monday, October 12, 2009

i am a great big slacking loser...forgive me?

It has been over a month and a half since I put something on here. O.o Shall we paste a huge "L" on my forehead and call it good?

Really, though. I want to apologize for not writing. I mean, I've totally neglected you guys, who are my friends and like my family. Not to mention I've had so many amazing things happen that should have been written down IMMEDIATELY and didn't 'cause I'm dumb. :P I will be working on my slackerness. I promise.

Right now I am off to compile a list of things that happened in the past few months, along with finding pictures to narrate the stories. SOOOOOOO much has happened. I'll just post the big things. And a few of the little things that were important to me.

Also I want to apologize for not reading your stuff. Sometimes I get online and see the 100+ posts that I need to read and panic. It takes me over an hour to read all of your guys' lives. I feel like a jerk if I only pick the "interesting" headings, so I just decided to avoid the situation altogether (sorry, cuileann, this is repetitive for you). Once again...forgive me?

I'll be back in a little bit! <3 and *hugs*,

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Coleman said...

Don't worry! you are amazing! ARE NOT a "jerk" or a "loser"
we all have those days when we are depressed and feel like those two awful words.
But I know from FACT, that you are not those two things.
See ya in Blog World:)