Tuesday, October 27, 2009

get outta my chair...

Getting stuck in the director's chair on the first day of class might be something like this:
  1. Be told to get to work
  2. Feel completely confused as to what to do
  3. Stand around looking confused
  4. Start warm-ups on the outside of the circle, not sure what to do
  5. Be invited to stand in the circle by Brad, and then introduced by Mrs. Mathews to the rest of the kids
  6. Stand around looking lost as the other 12 students fall into line, wearing costumes and getting ready to rehearse their traveling Halloween program
  7. Ask what to do
  8. Given a stool, a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a music stand
  9. Told to watch, take notes, and be ready to "give direction, comments, and suggestions"
  10. Get nervous and then excited as the talent of the choir is displayed
  11. Feel very inadequate and slightly nervous about giving direction, comments, and suggestions on the first day of enrollment in class
  12. Notice that 11 of the 12 respond to the direction and get excited about it
  13. Notice that 1 of the 12 does not like anything you say and gives you dirty looks
  14. Decide to ignore 1/12th
  15. Worry about overstepping and look to Mrs. Mathews for cues, only to find that she wants you to keep doing what you're doing
  16. Take a deep breath, watch more numbers, and give more direction such as:
"More energy! You're performing! You're having fun! You guys sound great, you blend well, you're got awesome costumes, and you know that you're having fun, but you're not showing it. Have fun! Show me the fun!"
"Mark, I can tell from your performance that you are a gentleman. You probably hold doors open for girls and help your mom bring in the groceries, don't you? *yes, i was right* Well, this is not a girl. This is not even a person. To Gaston, Belle is the next trophy he wants to hang up on his wall. You're the predator, and she's the piece of meat! You're hungry to get your hands on this prize! Don't let her get so far away from you-for every one step she takes further away you take two towards her. And Deb! Belle cannot stand Gaston. He's a brute-ignorant, arrogant, completely repellent. I want disgust. Like, 'are you kidding me? ew...ew...EW!' Show me."

Then "Asha, John Smith has completely insulted you. There's got to be some anger there, until you realize that he has absolutely no idea. Show me the transition from disbelief and hurt at his generalizations to the understanding that he says those things in ignorance. Sing this as teaching him about your world. Teach all of us."
Number 17-Have an amazing first day in Ariosa, and feel so good about it because you've got friends. And number 18, not worrying about making Mrs. Mathews upset because of your "directing" because she pulled you aside and said that it was fabulous and so helpful. Teehee.

First EMR (early morning rehearsal) with A Cappella this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I got to sit next to "that girl". Haha, love you, friend!

40/50 on my stupid Communications midterm. I studied and studied and STUDIED and still did terribly. Ugh. I hate it.

Completely lost in math. Again.

Pretty much failed a Meteorology quiz because I didn't understand the chapter at all.

Compliments from Tyler like crazy as he tossed candy at me in class, saying (each bolded word emphasizes when he threw it at me and how he said it) "You're such a SMARTIEs, and such a SWEET HEART instead of TART, and you're such a NERDs which is good because you pass your classes and can help me pass too, but not an Air Head so I get to eat this one." Then he said that he thinks I'd be way fun to go to a dance with because I'm such an awesome person and he likes to make me laugh. I like Tyler. He's a good friend.

Enjoyable time at work-it wasn't too bad today and I got some paperwork done for Paul. Plus Andrea and I have too much fun with pretzels, talking about boys, and being dumb in general. It's great fun.

First snow of the year today. I don't know whether to be excited or to be not excited. I just hope Halloween isn't too cold. I remember the last time it snowed this early that on Halloween night I had 4 inches of snow around the brim of my witch hat. It was so cold that year. But we got TONS of candy because everyone else had all ready stopped trick-or-treating. People pretty much just dumped their bowls into our sacks. Great fun.

Cold, cold, cold.

This has been a freaking random post. I've even stopped trying to follow my trainless (say what?) thoughts.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. One day closer to Friday! AND I'm calling my friend tomorrow night! Woot, woot! *hearts*


that girl said...

I'm sorry, I'm not very talkative in sectionals or class because our talking problem bugs me.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Not a big deal. We shouldn't be talking anyways. Lol. Listen, sing, LISTEN! My new mantra. Or can I adopt yours as well? "Don't lose the music!" and I add "Or I'll HIT YOU ON THE HEAD!!! And fine you five dollars." Lol! Thanks for letting me help. I love it. <3