Friday, October 30, 2009

new friends...

So, Zach has a sister who is not really his sister but is at the same time (huh?). I've heard a lot about her, and from the stories she seems pretty amazing. That turned out to be true tonight.

We actually couldn't go to the concert. Zach's performance group was only on for three numbers, and the tickets were a little too much for me right now. All of my paycheck went to choir tour for this week, so I couldn't do it. I felt really bad; I'd promised I'd go and then things just happened. *sigh* He wasn't mad, though. Just kind of sad that we didn't get to see it. I was too.

Anyway, I got to meet this amazing sister to my best friend. Her name is Noelle and she really is freaking amazing. Want to hear how I met her? Okay. :) I was kind of hesitant to go up to see Zach because I wasn't sure if he was totally finished with the performance, so I waited. Then he gave me his "look", the one he gives me when I'm hanging back or being shy. I finally went over and he gave me a HUGE hug, and I turned around and all of the sudden BAM! I hear this high pitched SCREAM of delight and then I was like "I'm being hugged?"

And it was Noelle. I recognized her from her Facebook profile, and then I screamed and hugged her back. It was more like a friend reunion than a first meeting. Zach was so excited, and kind of shocked at how well the two of us got on right away. I asked him if he'd mind being replaced, so I could have a new best friend. I was teasing, of course, and he totally got all "sad" and started to walk away. I had to go catch him, and it wasn't until I threw my arms around him from behind that he stopped and looked over his shoulder at me. It felt so nice, and so natural for about 5 seconds while we just looked at each other. Then he smiled and we both stepped apart at the same time. For another 5 seconds it was awkward. Thank heavens for Noelle; she saved it by coming over and asking me to "dance" and then falling on the ground.

Noelle is amazing. And I got to see Geyerman, Zach's other best friend, for a few minutes. And Jason, from Oz. I forgot how much I missed Jason.

I love friends. They're amazing.

Oh, and I wore my Oz costume to school today for Halloween. I was surprised-people loved it. I was afraid to wear it, but I ended up being glad that I did. I got to spend time with Zach tonight at his house (my sisters were there too) and that was grand. And Noelle. Lovely, random, crazy, adorable Noelle. Another best friend forever, I think. I feel like I've known her forever. It's not like sisters, exactly, but like two school girls who've known each other since the first day of kindergarten. Even preschool. It's awesome. Kindred spirits, perhaps.

I'm so excited!!!

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