Saturday, May 21, 2011

bee bee cue and other random tidbits...

I went to a friend's barbeque in honor of all those other friends who will be leaving for the summer, like to Africa (though she's already gone home I think), Fiji, or home to wherever they hail from. Can you say another LDC reunion? It was awesome to see all of those fantastic human beings again! They are so wonderful. Kenna told all of us the story of how David proposed to her (insert a long "awwwwwww!!!") and showed us her ring. In short, it's gorgeous.

For some reason, nearly being decapitated by a bulleting volleyball constitutes it your destiny to join the game, no matter how much you protest. At least to my friends. Granted, I did say that I kind of wished I could play but was too afraid because

1) I'm horrible at it and didn't want people to be mad at me,
2) I'm scared of the ball,
3) I'm scared of looking like an idiot,
4) the last time I played volleyball, my parents asked me if someone was hurting me because of the black and purple bruises all up and down my forearms.

All of these reasons were overlooked as I was shoved into the game. Luckily the ball never came to me. Even if it had, I probably would have screamed and dropped to the ground in a fetal position or something. Mortifying thought, but possible truth nonetheless.

On less of a BBQ note...I have a knack for writing exceptionally morbid poetry, prose, or whatever else a person can write. Almost 100% of the time I'm not even writing to write. I'm just talking to a friend, or myself. Half of that time I don't even realize that what I'm saying/texting is so extremely morbid until it's been said/sent. Freaks me out a bit.

Random thing I said that made a friend laugh: A happy life is a glass that is half full. Drink it, and it's empty.

Less funny but I still liked what I thought: Heaven is only as far as your life is long.

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