Friday, May 20, 2011

plot hole...

Do you have any idea how frustrated I am right now? Probably not, and what's even MORE frustrating is that I cannot vent in detail about why I am frustrated because most of the world has not yet seen or heard details about the new Pirates movie.

Can you say plot hole? No...more like can you SHOUT plot hole.

At least to me there was a plot hole. A SERIOUS plot hole. Involving (quite possibly) THE HOTTEST couple Disney has EVER created.

I'm freakin' out. Either I missed something, or I missed something, because I sure missed SOMETHING. My question (or the shortened version of the question to avoid spoiling it for you):


Other than that, it was a pretty good movie. Fun, rollercoaster ride of emotion and adventure, clever, outlandish and impossible deeds done by the infamous Jack Sparrow (who does come up with all of that stuff? it's really impossible), very fun. And slightly scary at some parts. Oh, and one scene? HOT. Like, seriously. It should be illegal to have a moment (or in this case, multiple moments) that hot in a Disney film. And it wasn't even like, BAD. It was just hot. You've been warned.

But seriously. Freakin'...gah. I wish there was a way to type out a Rapunzel pitched scream of frustration, but there's not. So just imagine me screaming in a very high pitched squeakish sort of way and you'll have it.

A HUGE thank you to my friend Julia for making it possible for me to go see the movie tonight, and another thank you to all of my wonderful LDC friends who let me go with them. It was so great to see everybody. We really can't stay away from each other...we're all addicts, I guess.


Erin Day said...

I understand the frustration about not being able to vent about something like that. Imagine getting a book that you've been anticipating for YEARS. You are so excited. You read all six hundred and some odd pages in three sittings.
Within these pages, terrible things happen. Wrong terrible things. Then it ends on the biggest cliffhanger that you've ever read. You don't know where she is, or when (the when really is important...).
Unfortunately no one else reads these books. No one else knows, or cares that you are freaking out about a fictional character. I mean, they can sympathize, but they don't really get it.
So yeah. I understand your frustration. Its been my life for the past week.

spider said...

Gah! Plot holes are so annoying.

How did this one compare to the first three? Better? Worse? Not even close to being as good because it didn't have Orlando Bloom's face in it?

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Erin: Thankfully I have a couple of friends who wanted to know all about it before going to see it, so I was able to vent and keep from exploding. :)

spider: I actually found it more entertaining than the last two, but probably not as good as the first one. I did miss good old Orli though. I kept waiting for some sort of tiny cameo, but alas. No such luck. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have a Will Turner appearance in the next one, because he IS important to pirate legend as the successor to Davy Jones, you know? However, they did put some nice eye candy in the film in the form of a...well, a man. But I can't tell you about him!! You'll see. Just look for the guy with the mermaid friend.

Orlando Bloom will be appearing in a film soon though. He's the bad guy in the new movie "The Three Musketeers". Do you have any idea how thrown off I was to see Orlando Bloom playing a bad guy? It was beyond weird. But he's still attractive. Devilishly so.