Saturday, May 28, 2011

the last three days...

Thursday I spent the afternoon and evening with the Raddatz family. Kyle and I were both so tired that we decided we needed to go on an adventure to keep from falling asleep on the couch. We went to Walmart and bought treats!! $25 worth of candy, chips, nuts...both of us were kind of embarrassed when we went to the counter to pay for it all. Kyle made a comment to me that it's a good thing that we have a big family (and yes, he did say "we") because there's no way we could eat all of that by ourselves. The lady at the counter smiled at that. Kyle also bought me a shirt, which is totally adorable!! He told me it's a very late birthday present. It's got a picture of a little white dog that looks like Misty on it, with fireworks behind her. I'm going to wear it for the David Archuleta/Brad Paisley concert on July 2!!

Jason, Sister Raddatz, and I went on an adventure of our own after dinner. Jason had mentioned to his mom that he wanted to go see a movie called Water for Elephants, which is about a vet student who joins a circus. Jason is studying to be a vet, too. Brother Raddatz gets free movie tickets from his work, and he was being "stubborn" about giving them to Jason and his wife. He really would have, but he loves to tease. Me, though? All I had to do was flutter my eyelashes and say please. He gave me three free ticket vouchers and sent us on our way!!

While we were waiting in line to get tickets, Jason and I found some coins. He didn't know what to do with them, so I suggested that we go race the coins in this...I don't know what it's called...coin racer thing that the mall has right by the movie theater. It's a round shaped funnel that you drop a coin onto, and it spins in circles down the funnel into a hole. There were a couple of guys about my age playing, and one of them challenged my dime to a race against his quarter. Surprisingly, my dime won. Barely. Jason and I raced our remaining coins, and mine "cheated", taking an oval shaped path instead of a circular one. Not my fault. Jason said it was more proof that women are evil. I "hit" him. It wasn't my fault that the coin cheated!! All I did was drop it in!! We're so dumb, lol.

As we were watching the movie, I was really glad that Sister Raddatz came. There were a couple of awkward moments in the film, and it would have been even more awkward if it had just been Jason and me!!

My car got sprayed with soda pop while we were in the theater. Sometimes I get really mad at people's stupidity.

Friday was kind of lame in some ways. I didn't do anything that whole day. I just didn't feel like it. Every time I tried to get up and do something productive I was too tired. I did clean the bathroom, so there's one accomplishment.

The evening was less wasted. Jaden invited my sisters and me to a party at his house. I think he was mad at me or something. He didn't even give me a hug when I gave him the CD I told him I'd bring, and he didn't say hello at all until I kind of made him. I wonder if it was because I didn't watch the movie that they picked. I don't watch horror movies--he knows that. But the movie was later in the evening, not when I first got there. He acted that way towards Amanda and Kayla, too. It could have something to do with him having a girlfriend. Whatevs. The three of us left early, because of the movie.

We had a grand adventure at Walmart. We bought drinks and string cheese and a Nerf gun for me. The gun that I wanted wasn't stocked on the shelves, so Kayla found a "super cute worker" to ask if they had any left. The guy found some in the storage room and brought one out to me. Nothing like buyin' a gun to make a girl feel better!! Haha. I am now ready to take on the Raddatz boys. With my OWN weapon. Ha!!

Hanging out with Kayla is really fun. I'm glad that Amanda and I have had a chance to become better friends with her since we did "Joseph" last year. She's really awesome, and such a sweetheart.

Saturday has been a waste of a day. I've just had no energy to do anything at all. I did get dressed, which I consider an accomplishment, lame as it may be. I just can't work up the energy or the will power to do anything.

I hope tomorrow will be better. And that I don't get lost trying to find a friend's church house to sing with LDC. Haha...we'll see.

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Spickle Sandwich said...

Sounds like you're doing ok by me. I've had a similar past couple of days... We should chat sometime. I might be going to Molly's not-farewell tomorrow, but I didn't get the text so I don't really know what's going on. Who knows? We'll see what happens.