Saturday, May 14, 2011

i'm a Belieber...

I've got a second confession to make: On Thursday night, I went with my mom, sister, and sister's friend to see "Never Say Never", the Justin Bieber movie, and...I kind of really liked it.

Justin Bieber's music has been a definite like for me before I saw the movie. It's fun, upbeat, and he has great talent. He really does have a good voice, and it's nice to listen to. But do you want to know the real reason why I started to listen to Justin Bieber?
It drove Aries crazy.

At first I only listened to a couple of Justin's songs, the more popular ones, like "Baby", "Somebody to Love", and "Never Say Never". It was hilarious to me to be on a date with Aries or just hanging out when one of those songs would come on. He hated all of them, and I could dance and sing to them with no shame because it was fun!! It's pretty much the only leverage I had with him; if he bugged me, I'd look at him and say, "I'll go all Bieber on you."

The more I listened to this music, the more I liked it. I know it's all teeny bopper, pop culture stuff, but it's just fun!! Then again, I'm kind of the odd one among my group of friends. I read and enjoyed Twilight because it was just interesting to me. I heart country music. I pay attention to fashion, even though I don't follow it. I also keep up with politics and world events. My closest friends...haha. They don't really do any of that. To them, I'm a bit eccentric. So why not add Justin Bieber to the mix? I'm all about being well-rounded!! Except when it comes to figure. That's why my gym pass is for. :)

So yeah. I heard him sing, now I'm a Belieber!! The movie was really fun, and really inspiring. He really was born to do this sort of thing. They had home videos of him from when he was a kid. You can't fake that kind of talent. It was just a fun movie!! It made me feel happy to see someone able to live their dream and to help other people in the process. It was a bit of a promo thing, of course. They never interviewed Justin himself to get his perspective and first hand story. I think they did it to make him an iconic figure, kind of mysterious and everything. Whatevs, though. I liked it.

Sister Raddatz and I are going to rent it and watch it together. We are both super excited, I'll admit it!!

I wish I could do what people like Justin do: sing and perform and make people happy. That's what I wish I could do with my life.

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